Mickey Roothman

Mickey Roothman

Hi there, I am Mickey Roothman, a Business and Brand Development Strategist, Speaker, Author, Coach and Entrepreneur.

To many that sounds like living the dream, but it wasn’t always this way. Truth is, it wasn’t all moonshine and roses getting here, but it has most certainly been worth it!

7 years ago I was still working a 9-5 job for a quarter of what I was worth, not living my passion or my purpose, broke, confused, insecure and frankly very lost.

After having worked in the corporate world for many top national and international brands for over 12 years, I achieved career success, but something always seemed to be missing. I loved what I did but somewhere inside me I knew I wasn’t fully happy, and fully living my true passion and purpose.

Truth is, even though I had achieved career success and had the job that everyone labelled as a “dream job”, deep down I was feeling empty, unfulfilled, overlooked and frankly living as the poster child for low self esteem, low self worth, insecurity and rejection, and nobody even knew it, NOT EVEN ME!

I always appeared strong, poised, in control, happy and confident – but looking back at it today, it was EXHAUSTING because it wasn’t really true internally!

See the irony was that although I was working in branding, which is all about labeling a product or a business to making it appear bigger and better to the public eye than what they may already be, deep down I was struggling with labels others had put on me, and that I had put on myself. I was living in a world where appearances were everything and I could never really be myself or really show my heart, and I didn’t know how to escape that or change it.

Although I was working as a strategist, which meant that I helped others to map out their path and create a plan to get to where they want to be, I had no clue where to start or how to start changing my internal and external reality. So I just closed my eyes, put on a brave face each day, pretended to be who everyone expected me to be in the environments I was in, and went home exhausted, just wanting to be alone with what I knew was the REAL me, although I didn’t really know exactly who she was.

It wasn’t until a few really traumatic events happened in my life, that I finally turned inward for answers to find the source of the subconscious thoughts and feelings I truly felt about myself and the world I was living in, that I was able to start changing it and turning it around. To truly start living the life I always knew deep down I was destined to live, and to finally step into my divine purpose that I was put on this earth for.

Uncovering and overcoming the thoughts, feelings, past events and limiting beliefs that were unknowingly holding me back for so many years was the hardest fight I’ve ever had to face in my life. It was a journey of conquering the aftermath of a seed that rejection in the womb had unknowingly planted in me as a foetus. I had unknowingly been living with and watering that seed in my subconscious for many years, and it had grown into a massive tree inside me which was manifesting not only in my external life, but in the deepest hidden parts of me as a person.

I wanted more for myself. I knew I was destined for more and I was determined to do whatever it took to get it. So I made it my personal mission to find out HOW to start changing things to finally start living the life I truly wanted. HOW to get to know the real me and realize that she was loveable not only by me, but by the world. HOW to change the limiting beliefs and thoughts that had unknowingly been destroying my life for many years. And HOW to finally step into my purpose and my passion to change lives and make a massive impact on this world.

I spent thousands of hours and Rands, learning from some of the world’s top mentors and coaches, to find out the HOW. But the strategist in me wanted to understand the WHY too! So many people were talking about meditation, visualization, affirmations, positive thinking, and the usual things most of us have already heard about, but nobody was showing me the WHY I should do these things, and what physically happens in the body and on a spiritual level in your soul when do these things.

So the strategist in me got to work to find the WHY. I researched, read, prayed, meditated on a lot of stuff, and tried and tested everything, keeping a journal of what worked and what didn’t. I started asking for the answers to come to so many questions that I had, and they started coming my way.

Today I can say I have finally found practical ways that really work to:

  • Change limiting subconscious beliefs
  • Manage and control your thoughts and your mind as a whole
  • Manage, relieve and alleviate stress, anxiety and negative emotions
  • Discover and step into your purpose and passion
  • And create the life you truly desire and were destined to live!

I want to help YOU to do the same!

Let me show you how!

Why? Because I now KNOW that it is true! You absolutely CAN have the life you truly long for and were born to live! You’ve just got to CHOOSE to and take ACTION.

I’ve already paid the school fees in experience, learned from some of the world’s top coaches and mentors, and tried and tested what is out there, so you don’t have to spend the money and the time that I had to, to learn how to change your life around!

I want to share everything I’ve learned with YOU!

The impact I want to make on this world, is to help thousands of others to live more satisfying and purposeful lives doing what they love and were destined to do – with a lot less mistakes and stress along their journey to the lives they really desire and were purposed to live.”

Why do I want to share it with you? Because I believe in you! Because I know that with the right mindset, knowledge, guidance, systems, strategies and tools, you too really can have a MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL and PURPOSEFUL LIFE!

If I could scream from the top of a mountain for the whole world to hear, I would say: “You are not a slave to anything! Not your past, your circumstances or your physical body! You are FREE and MASSIVELY SUPPORTED with everything you need to accomplish the divine purpose that you were put on this earth for!

There will never be a better time to start than NOW!

Decide today to start living the life you know you truly deserve and desire!

Warm Regards,


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“Mickey’s innovative and strategic approach is of international standards and she truly goes out of her way to deliver amazing results!! I can easily say this, as I have tested her ideas and strategies with my branding coach – it was flawless and added value EVERY TIME!! Not only does she excel in your brand’s look and feel, but it is her strategy in-depth knowledge behind it, that actually converts business. Mickey will give you a competitive advantage, period!!” – Izak Strauss, Wealth Strategist & Entrepreneur

“After my one on one session with Mickey I learnt a whole lot more about Digital Marketing and Marketing and what it entails. The tips and processes that Mickey has shared with me relating to marketing has got me thinking completely differently. I now drive around with my eyes wide open!! I’ve implemented some of the techniques that Mickey has shown and shared with me and the result are starting to come in, one by one. Thank you, Mickey!” – Anthony Perie, Commercial and Industrial Property Expert and Entrepreneur

“Mickey is an amazing woman. She did a strategy session with myself and my daughter Olivia of Perotti Attorneys. The ideas she came up with were fresh and ready for the market. We are still excited about everything she did for us and all the ideas we’ve implemented so far has been a success”. – Rosetta Perotti, Founder & Owner of Woman-Power Group Of Companies


The Strategist

Mickey Roothman Strategist

My passion is to help others find solutions and transform their businesses and lives, and I am fortunate and blessed to have a very innovative and creative mind that can conceptualize not only WOW concepts, but effective strategies that render results and grow your business even bigger than your mind could stretch.

The Coach

Mickey Roothman Coach

My gifts and the knowledge I have gained through life, business experience and from my own coaches and mentors, are only serving their purpose if I can use them to help others to grow, live more fulfilling lives and achieve success.  I still have my own coaches and mentors too and will never stop learning from them.

The Speaker

Mickey Roothman Speaker

Business, Branding, Marketing, Mindset and inspiring others to grow, change and want more out of life, are the topics I am passionate about as a speaker. My aim is to leave the audience wanting more for their own business and life, and with actionable steps they can take towards achieving what they desire.

The Philanthropist

Mickey Roothman Philanthropist

Children’s, Woman’s and Animal Welfare are causes I support as much as possible and that are close to my heart.
Success means nothing if you don’t give back, and uplift others less fortunate than you.

The Trainer

Mickey Roothman Teacher

My passion and purpose is to help educate the next generation of entrepreneurs, and also women. I am passionate about teaching others how to effectively market and grow their businesses, especially online, and through business automation strategies.

The Author

Mickey Roothman Author

From Fed Up To Fabulous is the International Best-Seller that I created and co-authored, with 6 other successful business women, from 6 different countries.
Our shared vision with this book is to inspire and unite women world wide through sharing our stories of overcoming the odds on our journeys to success.


GET COACHING WITH MICKEY: (Direct Emails: admin@mickeyroothman.com)

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