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Join hundreds of others from around the world who have already RADICALLY transformed their lives and businesses by enrolling in one of my signature Digital Courses. Get personal guidance from me while you complete your course on your own time & from the comfort of your own home!


Join hundreds of others from around the world who have already RADICALLY transformed their lives and businesses by enrolling in one of my signature Digital Courses. Get personal guidance from me while you complete your course on your own time & from the comfort of your own home!

Hi there!

I’m Mickey Roothman, a Life & Business Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author and Strategist.

I specialize in Transformation.

  • Transformation of Lives
  • Transformation of Businesses
  • Transformation of Minds & Thoughts
  • Transformation of events & experiences (past, present & future)
  • Transformation of limiting beliefs & obstacles/challenges
  • Transformation of company morale, culture & performance
  • Transformation of perceptions & perspective

In my over 10 000 hours of 1:1 coaching with people, businesses, coaches & entrepreneurs from around the globe and through my own transformation journey from being angry, fearful, undervalued, directionless, helpless & hopeless against life & circumstances, to co-creating an amazing life of impact, freedom, happiness, joy, inner peace, abundance, clarity & living my best possible life at my highest potential, I identified exactly what brings tangible, lasting results & transformation.

My approach to transformation is holistic and is centered around the 5 key areas I identified that bring about self-actualization & lasting transformation:

  1. Emotional – Becoming self aware to become emotionally intelligent & equipped (both conscious & unconscious).
  2. Behavioral – Awareness of our own actions, behaviors & habits (both conscious & unconscious)
  3. Mindset – Awareness of our thought patterns & limiting beliefs (both conscious & unconscious)
  4. Spiritual – Awareness of a Higher Self and Higher Power that enables and supports us to self actualize & reach  our highest potential.
  5. Practical – Awareness of our circumstances & surroundings on a practical level as well as practical tools, actions & methods supporting all of the above in order to bring about holistic, tangible, lasting results & transformation in all areas.

So whether I am working with the CEO of a company, an employee or a coach who wants to reach their highest possible potential with their life or business, I work with them at all 5 of these levels, because as much as the practical tips, tools, strategies & methods I provide will help them to achieve their goals, it is usually short-lived if there are any unresolved underlying conscious or unconscious emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs, bad habits & behaviors, doubts, fears, etc  that will only continue to cause them to self-sabotage and end up right back where they started yet again.

My personal formula for reaching our highest potential as individuals and ultimately as a collective is:

Self Awareness = Self Actualization = Highest Potential

My vision & mission as a coach, speaker, author & strategist specializing in transformation is just that. To give people the proven, easy to use & practical step-by-step processes, tools, methods, guidance, strategies & advice to facilitate the unlocking and unleashing of their own highest potential through conscious self awareness.

I’m not promising or guaranteeing that your life will just be smooth sailing and perfect from here on out – no one can!

What I can promise you and guarantee with certainty is that if you commit to wanting change, commit to this journey and practice and implement the tools and actionable steps that I teach, share and give guidance on, your life & business will change for the better! And even if things are happening that don’t look so great, you’ll experience them from a place of total clarity, support, understanding, peace, ease and even joy.

If you’re ready to reach your highest potential & life your best life, leave your details below to receive some powerful tips, tools strategies & advice from me via email.


Mickey Roothman Coach Speaker Author Strategist

From a very young age I knew intuitively that there was a big calling on my life & that I was destined to make a big impact in and on this world in some way. For as long as I can remember I had a deep inner knowing and desire to help people and make the world a better place.

Coupled with this was the inside joke that started in my primary school years already (and still continues to this day among my closest friends) which was that I was like “Dr Ruth” (a play on my surname Roothman) because people always seemed to open up to me very easily. Complete strangers would within seconds of meeting me tell me their entire life story, their darkest secrets and deepest struggles, and somehow when they left me they always felt better or had more clarity. This is still the case today.

But nothing in my upbringing or my circumstances exactly screamed “Massive success ahead for her in her future!”

It took me a few decades to finally find my path to how I was meant to make an impact on and serve the world. Today I know that the only thing that was holding me back from doing it sooner was my own fears, feelings and thoughts of not being good enough or worthy and the belief that I didn’t have the resources I was told and deemed necessary in order to follow my heart’s calling.

It wasn’t until the millionth time that I experienced being mistreated, unappreciated, being treated unfairly, being done in, being disregarded and undervalued, that the hurt, hopelessness and frustration of it all finally prompted me to make the conscious decision to question why my life was as I believed at that time meant to suck while I helped others to soar in theirs. I went in search of finding the answers and I wasn’t going to stop until I did! This was when my life truly began to change for the better.

Before that I had always been so focused on the details of the things that were happening, other people and their behavior, my circumstances and all of the external things I was experiencing. Justifying to myself that I was a victim and just born “unlucky”, all of which today I know was really only keeping me stuck in those patterns and creating more of those kinds of experiences.

It wasn’t until I finally looked inside of myself for the answers and chose to consciously flip the script on the stories I had told myself and the beliefs I formed from a young age due to past experiences and became consciously self-aware of how I was and am always co-creating the life that I get to live, that my life began to transform RADICALLY and RAPIDLY!

I began to see the things I wanted for my life show up in my reality and best of all, I HAD COMPLETE INNER PEACE & JOY no matter what was going on around me externally.

I won’t lie, at times the journey got really tough! I failed and cried A LOT!  But today I can honestly say that IT WAS SO DAMN WORTH IT!

Thanks to this journey I now just 2 short years later not only have a thriving on- and offline Life & Business Transformation Coaching Business, but also the skills, knowledge, tools and personal experience to help others do the same with much less effort and with total ease!

Today just a few years later:

  • I have a successful career and business as a speaker, teacher, coach and author in the field of Life & Business Transformation and am known by my peers as a thought leader and an expert in my field.
  • I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people to radically transform their lives & their businesses.
  • My Signature Online Life Transformation Program has been purchased and completed by over 1300 people from around the globe since I launched it just over a year ago.
  • I’ve been blessed to help hundreds of others to turn their skills, knowledge, talents, life experiences and passions into profitable online coaching businesses.
  • I get to live my best life possible, doing exactly what I love serving others in a meaningful way and on top of it earn a great living doing it!
  • I’ve been blessed to be featured several times in the media and be called on regularly to write and speak on local and international platforms as an expert and thought leader in my industry.
  • I have the freedom to work when and wherever I want to and have loads of fun doing it!

Every human being has a deep inner knowing of what our soul’s journey is and a desire to self-actualize and reach our highest potential. The problem is that we’ve forgotten who we are. We’ve forgotten what our highest potential is and therefor don’t dream big anymore at all. We play small because we believe we are small and we don’t know how to find our way back to who we were really designed and created to be.

When we become self-aware and re-discover our highest potential, we are able to self-actualize and unleash our highest potential that has always been inside of us.

I have committed my life to serving and helping people like YOU to unleash your inner greatness and highest potential to live your best life possible, because I know exactly how it feels to feel hopeless, helpless, stuck, without purpose, undervalued and just all around unhappy with what we think is the life and the cards we’ve been dealt.

I want to help you to awaken your conscious self-awareness, re-discover and live out your purpose, unlock and unleash your inner greatness and highest potential and create the life that you’ve always dreamed of and were designed and destined to live!

Hundreds of others have already undertaken this journey and discovered this truth and have massively transformed their lives. And the best is that it is not subject to anything. It is not bias to nor does it favour any particular person in any way. It is REAL and TRUE for anyone and it works for everyone who is willing to commit to wanting to live their best life possible.

You are not too old, too young, too far gone, too late, too little or too much of anything for this to work for you and to flip your life around!

If you embark on and commit to this journey you will be happier, less stressed, less worried, less anxious, have clarity, a sense of purpose, a sense of freedom and unlock and re-discover your own inner greatness and highest potential. And the external things you’ve always dreamed of showing up in your life as well are just an added bonus!


Deciding to take this journey is the starting point to uncovering and unlocking your inner greatness and highest potential and awakening your conscious self-awareness to begin to consciously co-create the life you’ve always dreamed of and were always meant to live!

It is time for you to stop living like a house cat when you were created and destined to be a lion!

For decades I played small because I believed I was small. Through self-awareness I discovered that as a child I always had the inner awareness that I was meant to make a massive impact in and on this world, but I began to believe that I was unworthy and unequipped to achieve it.

Without the tools I have today, I could never have self-actualized and built the successful Life & Business Transformation that I am blessed to have today. I could never have risen up to be the Coach, Speaker, Author and Thought Leader in my industry and among my peers that I am humbled and blessed to be and have today.

All you really need to live your best life possible is:

-> Discover your inner greatness and your true self.

-> Your unique skills, talents, life experiences, knowledge and passions.

-> To be guided back to remembering who you are and that you don’t have to try and make things happen on your own.

-> The tools, methods and daily practices to get and keep you in alignment with your true self, your highest potential and your divine destiny.

There is a massive group of people in this world who NEED you, your unique set of skills, talents, passions & life experiences that are just WAITING for you to re-discover your inner greatness, unleash your highest potential and step up and out into this world as the BEST and ONLY version of you that has a unique contribution to make to this world.

My vision and my passion is to give you the guidance, tools, strategies and methods that I applied on my own journey to self-actualization and living my best life possible, so that you can create and live YOUR best life too!

Are YOU ready to make a massive impact on and in this world and to live your BEST LIFE POSSIBLE?

If YOU are ready and committed to living your best life possible, email my amazing team on admin@mickeyroothman.com now to book your obligation free 15 minute Discovery Call with me. During this call we’ll chat about your unique goals and obstacles and whether my programs and services are a good fit for you.

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“Mickey’s innovative and strategic approach is of international standards and she truly goes out of her way to deliver amazing results!! I can easily say this, as I have tested her ideas and strategies with my branding coach – it was flawless and added value EVERY TIME!! Not only does she excel in your brand’s look and feel, but it is her strategy in-depth knowledge behind it, that actually converts business. Mickey will give you a competitive advantage, period!!” – Izak Strauss, Wealth Strategist & Entrepreneur

“Mickey changed my life! I have grown so much because of her. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead, although it isn’t always easy, jeez it is rewarding! I love reprogramming my mind and working on me. As I continue to climb my mountain, I am super grateful to be mentored by a hugely inspirational woman like her. Never have I met an individual who puts more time into working on herself than she does. She inspires me daily. Thank you for all of the time you have invested in me Mickey.” – Lauren Leigh Porter, International Fitness Champion, Fitness Coach & founder of Body Beautiful SA

“Mickey is an amazing woman. She did a strategy session with myself and my daughter Olivia of Perotti Attorneys. The ideas she came up with were fresh and ready for the market. We are still excited about everything she did for us and all the ideas we’ve implemented so far has been a success”. – Rosetta Perotti, Founder & Owner of Woman-Power Group Of Companies



Email: admin@mickeyroothman.com


Email:  admin@mickeyroothman.com


Email:  admin@mickeyroothman.com



Mickey Roothman Strategy and Consulting

I am a born strategist who is obsessed with finding great solutions to obstacles and the quickest path for my clients to reach their goals with their big dreams and ideas that are effective and as easy as possible to implement. I always ensure that I stay abreast of the latest trends in technology to ensure that my clients always remain relevant and current. I like to call myself a life and ideas engineer. I love coming up with fresh and dynamic new ideas and ways for my clients to up-level and grow and improve + expand the culture, enjoyment and growth of their lives and businesses.


Mickey Roothman Coaching

I have a variety of options available for private life and business transformation coaching as well as group coaching for corporates and teams.  As a coach I become an accountability partner for my clients to reach their desired goals and results without becoming an unhealthy crutch to them. My existing clients will tell you that I am loving and compassionate, but committed to telling you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear because I want you to reach your highest potential. I only take 5 private clients at a time and have worked with a diverse group of people from CEO’s to entrepreneurs to house wives and single moms from around the globe.


My aim as a speaker is not merely to inspire and motivate, but to expand minds, change perspectives and leave my audiences with actionable steps, tools and guidance that they can implement to begin to create the lives and businesses that they desire to have.  I speak on a variety of topics such as personal development, human behaviour, mindset, high performance, conscious living,  social media, business, branding, marketing and strategy to name a few. I welcome requests to speak or teach on a particular topic that you would like me to speak on. I am also a seasoned MC for a variety of corporate and social events and bring my own brand of quirky and fun to any occasion.

My Heart

Children’s, Woman’s and Animal Welfare are causes I support as much as possible and that are close to my heart.
Success means nothing to me  if I cannot give back, and uplift and support others who need support.  The organizations I currently support and sow into in my personal capacity are:  Brave To Love, SA Cares for Life and Mdzananda Animal Clinic. These organizations are doing some wonderful work in South Africa and your mutual support of these and other organizations for these causes are highly valued and appreciated. Together we can make a real difference.


Teaching is a passion of mine that goes hand in hand with my coaching and speaking services. I am a firm believer in teaching someone to fish so that they can feed themselves for the rest of their days as opposed to giving them a fish which only feeds them once. I’m obsessed with giving people the knowledge, skills and how to that will empower them to not only up-level their own lives and businesses, but also go out and teach others as well causing a ripple effect. I teach on a variety of Personal Development, Strategy, Business, Branding, Social Media and Marketing topics and welcome any requests for specific topics that you or your team require training on.

My Books

From Fed Up To Fabulous is the International Best-Seller that is the brain child that I created and co-authored, with 6 other successful business women, from 6 different countries.

From Fed Up To Fabulous reached best seller status on Amazon in the category of Personal Development in just 48 hours after being released.

(I have also co-authored several other books with a variety of South African Thought Leaders in Personal Development and Business which can be viewed and purchased directly from the publishing house at www.voelgoed.co.za)