Mickey Roothman

Life & Business Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author & Strategist



(This is my signature Life Transformation Program which has already radically transformed the lives of hundreds from around the world, and counting!)


(This is my signature Life Transformation Program which has already radically transformed the lives of hundreds from around the world, and counting!)

Mickey Roothman Life and Business Transformation Coach, Speaker & Author

WAS R4485.00 ($299)  NOW ONLY R3900! ($260)

This is a digital course that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Join hundreds of others from around the world who have already undertaken this journey and massively transformed their lives.

Mickey Roothman Life and Business Transformation Coach, Speaker & Author

WAS R4485.00 ($299)  NOW ONLY R3900! ($260)

This is a digital course that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Join hundreds of others from around the world who have already undertaken this journey and massively transformed their lives.

Hi there!

I am Mickey Roothman, an Executive Life & Business Transformation Coach, Speaker,  Author & Strategist, but I like to call myself a Life & Ideas Engineer!

My mission is to help individuals, teams & companies to uncover their highest   potential & purpose in order to reach their goals & to create an environment & work space that cultivates high performance, positivity & a team that has fulfilling lives & careers.

How do I do that?

I provide a blend of proven & tested practical, tools, exercises, actions, guidance and advice that they can apply individually & collectively, in order to reach their highest potential & goals & overcome the obstacles that are holding them   back.

Conscious living, mindfulness, social etiquette, coping skills, conflict resolution & creative innovative thinking, are some of the skills we are usually not taught by our parents or in school, but they are some of the MOST POWERFUL practical skills to have in business and on this journey of life. THEY CHANGED MINE!

When you learn & commit to a conscious way of living, you will unleash the presence of your highest potential & finally be able to relinquish the need to control & relax into a greater sense of balance, clarity, purpose, certainty and freedom.

And you will learn it all and LOVE the tangible results it brings through my   programs & services.

My programs & services are designed to simplify & demystify the concepts & terminology used in Life Transformation, Conscious Living, NLP & Spiritual Enlightenment circles & to teach you exactly HOW to practically implement them into your day to day life & exactly WHY they work to re-train your brain & transform your life from a practical, scientific & spiritual point of view.

My approach to transformation is that it starts with each individual looking inward and therefore it needs to be practical and easy to understand and implement for everyone.


I coach, speak & teach from a practical as well as a spiritual point of view, however my programs & services respects all belief systems & religions & the practical implementation thereof is only subject to believing in a Higher Power (Who or Whatever that may be for you) and is applicable to all people, irrespective of their belief system or religion. 

If  YOU are ready to create and live a life & business that you LOVE then email my amazing team now at admin@mickeyroothman.com and lets set up an obligation free 15 minute discovery call with me personally to see if my programs and services are a good fit for you or your team and for your individual and collective goals.



Up until well into my adulthood, I felt awkward, out of place, like I didn’t belong anywhere & like I was destined from something great but that it was impossible for me to ever achieve the life I deep down dreamed of having.

I didn’t grow up poor, but I didn’t grow up rich either.

The short version of my life story up until my early 30”s is that I was an awkward kid, a rebellious teenager, a restless young adult that tried everything that my parents & society labelled as a no & bounced from job to job & from relationship to relationship, never really finding any fulfillment in anything, even when I achieved career success in several international companies in what ,most labelled as dream jobs!

Fast forward to 2016 …

There were 3 key experiences that pushed me onto my journey to finding, creating & living a life filled with joy, inner peace, abundance, love & purpose which I am blessed to live today!


I noticed at an international business convention I attended, that many of the people who were thriving and living happy successful lives, were not Christians. In fact a lot of their daily practices were things that I was taught was “evil” being brought up as a Christian. I couldn’t understand why their lives were prospering and mine wasn’t if I was trying so hard to live by faith and by the bible & His commandments, and they didn’t even believe in Him. I asked God at that stage to show me why exactly this was possible and happening.


I was sitting in a church one day and the pastor did the usual alter call at the end of the sermon, asking the congregation to put up their hands if they were facing struggles with finances, relationships, health, etc. so that he could pray for them.  After going down the list of things He was about to pray for them for, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to open my eyes and look up. What I saw grieved my spirit and broke my heart. Out of a church of about 500 attendees, almost 98% of their hands were up! I closed my eyes again, shook my head and with tears whispered to God: “Your bride is broken! I know it isn’t You who is not being true to YOUR promises. So what is it that WE are missing then?”


My business & career as a strategist, branding expert and business coach was soaring when I was approached with an opportunity to help masses of entrepreneurs & people to grow their businesses world wide! The opportunity came at a time when I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help others grow their businesses and be successful! So despite what I now know was my inner guidance telling me not to do it, I grabbed the opportunity with a pure and genuine heart to help others, only to find later that the other partners involved were not in alignment with what I thought the purpose of the business was. I ended up losing everything I worked for for nearly 7 years through this one bad business decision. I found myself in a place where I was depressed, questioning God, questioning myself & questioning humanity and even whether I still wanted to live, because I did NOTHING to deserve this & the people whose hearts were not pure in it walked away still prospering and unharmed by the experience. I felt like religion, faith and being a good person had failed me.

These 3 things are just 3 out of many experiences throughout my life that I now know were the catalysts to propelling me forward into my destiny!

They collectively pushed me to a place where the discontent, discomfort & dissatisfaction with life and what I was experiencing became something I couldn’t bare a second longer! It made me actively question life and search for answers & solutions.

I could write a whole book about what happened from this moment on. The coolest one to date was a book that literally fell off of my book case that till this day I have no idea how it landed up in my house, but it “showed up” at exactly the right time with exactly what I needed at that time! J

Just one singular sentence I read in it changed my whole outlook on life, and opened me up to receiving more and more guidance and revelation about exactly how things worked from a scientific and spiritual perspective. I later on also found out that this book was no longer in print and that one of the last copies available on Amazon, was valued at R9000!

For 2 years I learned as much as I could from the top masters and thought leaders from around the globe in Life Transformation, NLP, Spirituality, Science etc. and tried and tested everything!

My strategist’s mind served me well in this time because I constantly wanted to know the WHY and the HOW things worked which most of the masters were not teaching. Internal guidance opened up a world of knowledge to me about exactly how the human body was made and how it all ties in with scripture as well.

I kept a journal and started seeing exactly what was working and what wasn’t. I started sharing some of what I was learning & implementing with some of my coaching clients & even with some of my family and friends and was astonished at the results they were experiencing through these in their lives too.

My own personal journey helped me to discover that my life’s purpose and my passion is to teach and help others to uncover, understand and implement these things into their day to day lives in order to step into their Divine purpose, become the highest version of themselves and live a fulfilled life with purpose, love, joy, inner peace, abundance and real genuine happiness!

Why? Because I know exactly what the personal hell of feeling trapped, stuck or imprisoned by our own thoughts, circumstances, past experiences and who the world expects us to be feels like! And because I BELIEVE IN YOU!

My proven approach to transforming and creating one’s personal and professional life is not only one I’ve applied to my own life and business and seen the amazing results, but which I also see daily in the results of my clients and coaching students when they apply these same principles and actionable steps to their own lives as well.

Through understanding not just the basic principles but also the science as well as the spiritual laws behind certain things, how our bodies and minds are made to function and why we are who we are and do what we do, I guide my clients through exactly how to break the patterns, re-frame their past, their limiting beliefs and thoughts, break generational patterns and ultimately change their here and now and their future for good!

It is said that when the student is ready the teachers will appear. You didn’t find this page by accident.

So my question to you is, are YOU ready to create a life & a business you LOVE on YOUR TERMS?

Lets solidify one thing in your mind right now! You are a powerful and Divinely created being. It is your Divine birth right and your Higher Power’s desire for you to have an absolutely amazing life!

And your capacity to do just that is already locked up inside of YOU, ready to be extracted!

You are not a human being having a spiritual experience here on earth. You are an infinite and powerful spiritual being having a human experience here on earth.

It is NEVER too late to change and transform your life!

And the rewards you get from investing in yourself by finally making the decision and taking action is PRICELESS and it lasts FOREVER!

The life you’ve always dreamed of and were born to live is possible, and it is ready and waiting for you when you are! Take the leap today and I promise you, you will never look back!

Ready to take that leap and get started?


Email my amazing team now at admin@mickeyroothman.com and lets set up an obligation free 15 minute discovery call with me personally to see if my programs and services are a good fit for you and your individual goals.

Here’s to the start of an AMAZING life for you!

Much love & blessings,

Mickey Roothman

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“Mickey’s innovative and strategic approach is of international standards and she truly goes out of her way to deliver amazing results!! I can easily say this, as I have tested her ideas and strategies with my branding coach – it was flawless and added value EVERY TIME!! Not only does she excel in your brand’s look and feel, but it is her strategy in-depth knowledge behind it, that actually converts business. Mickey will give you a competitive advantage, period!!” – Izak Strauss, Wealth Strategist & Entrepreneur

“Mickey changed my life! I have grown so much because of her. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead, although it isn’t always easy, jeez it is rewarding! I love reprogramming my mind and working on me. As I continue to climb my mountain, I am super grateful to be mentored by a hugely inspirational woman like her. Never have I met an individual who puts more time into working on herself than she does. She inspires me daily. Thank you for all of the time you have invested in me Mickey.” – Lauren Leigh Porter, International Fitness Champion, Fitness Coach & founder of Body Beautiful SA

“Mickey is an amazing woman. She did a strategy session with myself and my daughter Olivia of Perotti Attorneys. The ideas she came up with were fresh and ready for the market. We are still excited about everything she did for us and all the ideas we’ve implemented so far has been a success”. – Rosetta Perotti, Founder & Owner of Woman-Power Group Of Companies



Email: admin@mickeyroothman.com


Email:  admin@mickeyroothman.com


Email:  admin@mickeyroothman.com



Mickey Roothman Strategist

My passion is to help others find solutions and transform their businesses and lives, and I am fortunate and blessed to have a very innovative and creative mind that can conceptualize not only WOW concepts, but effective strategies that render results and grow your business even bigger than your mind could stretch.


Mickey Roothman Coaching

My gifts and the knowledge I have gained through life, business experience and from my own coaches and mentors, are only serving their purpose if I can use them to help others to grow, live more fulfilling lives and achieve success.  I still have my own coaches and mentors too and will never stop learning from them.


Business, Branding, Marketing, Mindset and inspiring others to grow, change and want more out of life, are the topics I am passionate about as a speaker. My aim is to leave the audience wanting more for their own business and life, and with actionable steps they can take towards achieving what they desire.

My Heart

Mickey Roothman

Children’s, Woman’s and Animal Welfare are causes I support as much as possible and that are close to my heart.
Success means nothing if you don’t give back, and uplift others less fortunate than you.


Mickey Roothman Master Class

My passion and purpose is to help educate the next generation of entrepreneurs, and also women. I am passionate about teaching others how to effectively market and grow their businesses, especially online, and through business automation strategies.

My Book

Mickey Roothman Author

From Fed Up To Fabulous is the International Best-Seller that is the brain child that I created and co-authored, with 6 other successful business women, from 6 different countries.

Our shared vision with this book is to inspire and unite women world wide through sharing our own stories of overcoming the odds on our journeys to success.