Whether you suspect you may be an Empath or you already know that you are one, you may resonate with the video below.

  Empaths are souls who are called to fulfill the role of transforming the fears, hurts and wounds of this world. Being an Empath is not something that you learn or decide. Its a part of your soul’s assignment while you are here. The video above illustrates what the life of an Empath is like. What it doesn’t show however is that Empaths don’t just feel and play a role in taking away the hurts, pains & fears of others only when they are physically with them, but they also feel the hurts, pains, fears and every other energy of others even through browsing social media, when talking to someone on the phone and even at times when they are just sitting at home alone minding their own business. Empaths are also at times the “victims” of other people’s projections whether the person is close to the Empath or a complete stranger. Energetically and spiritually, other souls can recognize an Empathic soul and because of their desperate need and desire to heal and grow at a soul level within themselves (which is usually something that they are not even consciously aware of), they tend to subconsciously project their hurts, fears and pains onto an Empath when they encounter one because their soul recognizes this Empathic soul as one that can help them to heal their subconscious wounds, fears and hurts. Although their projections are really just their soul’s cry for help and healing, the unconscious and unaware Empath who is still on a journey to learning who they are and what their gift is for, is usually left feeling hurt, unworthy, alone and sad. Empaths are very gentle and loving souls and the unconscious Empath is usually deeply hurt and fractured by these kinds of projections from others because their core desire at a soul level is really to heal and to love all souls and they see the essence and highest potential of all souls.

“Before I discovered that I was an Empath and learned exactly what the purpose of this gift is, I loathed being one.”

I use to believe that my purpose was to be everyone else’s hospital and to help them miraculously heal and recover and then watch them ride off happily into the sunset once they do. I use to say that I am like a train station. They pull in, refuel and off they go again. I believed my purpose was to help everyone else to be healed, happy & successful and never experience that kind of healing, happiness and success myself. As I am writing this I’m thinking, “No wonder I use to be in such conflict about being the kind of person who has the soul desire to help others, but at the same time also really hating who I was because I actually really just wished I was able to hate people since all they do is just end up hurting you because of their own fractured experiences and wounds and abandoning you once they’ve healed.” You see, part of the Empath’s journey here on earth is to discover that they are an Empath and then to learn through contrast how their gift is NOT meant to be used,  in order to learn exactly how to use this gift for what it was intended which is to serve all souls, including their own. The Empath who is perhaps still on a journey to discovering that they are one, or the Empath that is not living consciously, tends to absorb the energies, feelings & emotional hurts, wounds, pains and fears of others. But this gift of being able to feel and heal these things in others was never intended for the Empath to absorb these, but rather to observe them. The Empath’s role here is not to take these pains, fears and hurts of others away and onto themselves, but rather to become consciously aware of it and observe it. Why?  Because we are all connected in consciousness. Our souls know this even if our logical reasoning minds and our bodies don’t. Whatever we heal within ourselves we also heal in the world as a collective. So the Empath is merely made consciously aware of the other’s wounds, hurts, pains and fears to assist them in getting onto their own journey of becoming consciously aware, awakened and enlightened so that they can heal their wounds, pains and fears for themselves. Every experience and human interaction on our journey here on earth is always for the highest good for ALL souls involved to transpire through it. If you just as an Empath just absorb, and they heal, it only serves the highest good of one and not all involved. It took me many years to understand and embrace that I am an Empath. And another decade to understand why this is a gift and how it is intended to be used to serve the world and me on my own journey as well. If you have a suspicion that you may be an Empath, or you already know you that you are one, but you’re kinda hating being one at the moment, I hope this helps you on your journey. REMEMBER TO:  Observe not absorb! Write that down and put it up everywhere you can so that you are reminded of this several times a day. What helped me was to put it on my phone as an hourly reminder for myself. And the notification would usually come up during my day at a time where I needed to remember it the most! And if you know an Empath, give them some extra love and care. They tend to put everyone else’s needs, healing, happiness and love above their own, even if they’re going through their own stuff too 🙂 Now go out there and OBSERVE & HEAL! You were called and created as a lightworker and healer of this world and it is such a gift once you embrace it and  learn to observe and not absorb.