Did you know that it is scientifically proven that we actually see with our mind, and not with our eyes like we were taught from a young age already?

Now before you write that off as “that’s insane”, let me explain what I mean and show you that it is actually true! What if I told you we are all actually partially blind? And that right now you think you are seeing the world as it is, when in actuality, we are missing something in the actual picture that we see. Sounds crazy right? That’s what I thought at first too. But scientifically it has been proven to be true. When we open our eyes to see, light shines in onto our retina and nerve cells called photo-receptors then interpret that light and transmits that information to our brain. That is how we see. But there is a very small area on all of our retinas, where there are no photo-receptors. This is called a Scotoma, or blind spot, and we all have one! If this is true, then why is it that we never notice a black or a missing area in our field of vision then? The reason why we never notice our blind spot, is because our brain is extremely well trained in guessing what should be there and completing the picture for us and literally to fill in the blank. Our mind knows exactly what it is we want to see, based on our ways and patterns of thinking. When we open our eyes to see, and light hits our retina (including our blind spot) and that information is transmitted to the brain for interpretation, our necortex (the part of our brain that receives and stores information for decision making and remembering), turns our expectation into a kind of virtual reality, which then becomes our “reality” of what we physically see. That means that some of the world we see, could then almost be labelled as just an “illusion”. Because our mind completed the picture for us based on our individual way of thinking and thus we see the world really as we think. So how do we identify and see our blind spots then? How do we ever then fully see the truth of what is really right in front of our eyes? By opening and changing our minds and the way we THINK!   This really helps us understand exactly why we all really actually see things differently. From our own perception. But most of all, it makes the way we think and re-programming our minds and our limiting beliefs that much more important if we want to start seeing a different wold show up in our reality! Because our way of thinking is literally altering how each of us individually end up seeing the full picture and our own world around us, our lives! At this point you may be thinking: “That’s great Mickey, but HOW exactly do I do that? HOW do I start thinking differently and reprogramming my mind?” That’s exactly what I asked before I went on my journey of understanding exactly how to do that, and it is exactly the reason why I created my Ultimate 12 week Life Transformation Program to provide actionable steps that gives you tangible results both in your mind and soul, but also as a bonus, in your external reality as well. The program consists of a combination of the proven actionable steps and exercises that I applied to my own life and experienced massive results with. I’ve also seen them render amazing results in the lives of my friends, family, clients and students who have applied them as well. I was super excited to hear the amazing testimonies, because that’s exactly what the content of the program was designed to do! Bring TANGIBLE RESULTS!   But just like everything else, although the exercises are extremely powerful, they need to be done consistently in order for your “default” way of thinking to start changing permanently! The brain is like any other muscle. The more you exercise it, the better it gets at its new way of thinking! To change the way you think you need to change your perception. You need to re-frame your limiting thoughts and beliefs.  A program like my 12 Week Life Transformation Program can help, but it is an ongoing journey, a conscious choice to think differently, so that you can see the world differently. You can view more details about my 12 week program here.   Much love and blessings, Mickey