How To Incorporate CBT Principles In The Workplace

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has many benefits, not only for individuals but for teams and workplaces as a whole.

CBT in the workplace has many benefits and can enhance employee well-being by addressing stress, improving resilience, and fostering a positive mindset. It also promotes better problem-solving skills, effective communication, and helps manage work-related anxiety. Overall, CBT contributes to a healthier work environment and increased employee productivity.

Employees are people and people have habitual subconscious patterns in the way they think and react to situations they are facing on a daily basis. CBT in the workplace is imperative as it can contributes to a positive work culture, increased employee satisfaction, and improved overall mental health, leading to higher productivity and job performance.

Organizational Development Specialist, Coach and CBT Practitioner Mickey Roothman says:

By incorporating CBT principles, workplaces can create a more supportive and psychologically healthy environment, fostering the well-being and resilience of employees. Training sessions, workshops, and ongoing support can help reinforce these principles and contribute to a positive workplace culture and increased Psychological safety at work.

Implementing CBT in the workplace involves several steps:

1. Assessment: Conduct an initial assessment to identify areas where CBT can be beneficial, considering factors such as stress levels, communication challenges, and overall well-being.

2. Training Programs: Provide training programs, workshops and coaching on basic CBT principles for employees. This may include understanding cognitive distortions, recognizing negative thought patterns, and learning coping strategies.

3. Employee Support Services: Offer access to mental health support services, such as counseling or therapy, either through in-house resources or external partnerships.

4. Promote Awareness: Create awareness campaigns to reduce stigma around mental health. Encourage open conversations about well-being and emphasize the importance of seeking help when needed.

5. Leadership Involvement: Encourage leadership to lead by example in embracing CBT principles. This can include managers openly discussing stress management techniques or participating in training programs.

6. Provide Resources: Make resources available, such as self-help materials, apps, or online platforms that support CBT practices. Ensure employees know where to find and access these resources.

7. Integrate CBT into Policies: Consider integrating CBT principles into workplace policies, such as promoting a positive work environment, encouraging work-life balance, and addressing issues related to workplace stress.

8. Feedback Mechanisms: Establish feedback mechanisms to gauge the effectiveness of CBT initiatives. This can include surveys, focus groups, or individual feedback sessions to understand the impact on employee well-being.

9. Create a Supportive Culture: Foster a workplace culture that values mental health and well-being. This involves recognizing and appreciating employees’ efforts, providing constructive feedback, and creating a supportive environment for personal and professional development.

10. Regular Check-Ins: Schedule regular check-ins to discuss mental health and well-being, both individually and within teams. This helps identify ongoing challenges and allows for timely interventions.

Practical Application of CBT principles in the workplace involves integrating the following concepts:

1. Cognitive Restructuring:

Encourage Positive Thinking: Help employees identify and challenge negative thoughts, promoting a more positive and constructive mindset in the workplace.

2. Problem-Solving Skills:

Teach Solution-Focused Approaches: Equip employees with effective problem-solving techniques to address work-related challenges and enhance their ability to find solutions.

3. Behavioral Activation:

Set Realistic Goals: Assist employees in setting achievable goals, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation in their work tasks.

4. Stress Management:

Mindfulness Techniques: Introduce mindfulness and relaxation exercises to help employees manage stress and stay focused in high-pressure situations.

5. Communication Skills:

Address Cognitive Distortions in Communication: Train employees to recognize and modify distorted thought patterns that may affect their communication with colleagues, clients, or superiors.

6. Self-Monitoring:

Encourage Self-Reflection: Promote self-awareness and reflection, helping employees monitor their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to identify areas for improvement.

7. Graded Exposure:

Gradual Exposure to Challenges: Facilitate a gradual approach to facing workplace challenges, allowing employees to build confidence and resilience over time.

8. Time Management:

Break Down Tasks: Teach employees to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable components, promoting a sense of control and reducing feelings of being overwhelmed.

9. Social Skills:

Role-Playing Scenarios: Conduct role-playing exercises to enhance interpersonal skills, enabling employees to navigate social interactions more effectively.

10. Positive Reinforcement:

Recognition and Reward: Implement systems for recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors and achievements, reinforcing a culture of positivity and accomplishment.

Get Professional Help:

Great leaders know that they don’t need to know how to do everything, or spread their time too thin by trying to do things or figure it out themselves.

Don’t deprive your organization or your employees from this essential tool, by procrastinating on incorporating CBT in your organization or team due to a lack of time or knowledge. CBT is a very specialized field, so get specialized professional help from an Organizational Development Specialist or a CBT Practitioner who specializes in CBT in the workplace.

If there’s one thing that is essential for organizations to implement in the workplace in 2024, its CBT. Don’t wait. Start today.

Need professional help? Book a consultation with Organizational Development Specialist, Coach and CBT Practitioner Mickey Roothman click here now

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is essential in the modern workplace.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s a widely used therapeutic approach that helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors, aiming to improve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. We live in a fast-paced ever changing world which is why CBT has become an essential in the work place. Its a crucial part of cultivating a culture of psychological safety and wellbeing.

How does CBT work?

CBT works by helping individuals recognize and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. Therapists work collaboratively with clients to identify and challenge distorted thinking, replacing it with more balanced and constructive thoughts. The goal is to modify behaviors associated with negative emotions, promoting healthier coping mechanisms and improving overall mental well-being.

Why should you implement and integrate CBT in the workplace?

Organizational Development Specialist, Coach and CBT Practitioner Mickey Roothman says:

Employees are people and people have habitual subconscious patterns in the way they think and react to situations they are facing on a daily basis. CBT in the workplace is imperative as it can contributes to a positive work culture, increased employee satisfaction, and improved overall mental health, leading to higher productivity and job performance.

CBT in the workplace can enhance employee well-being by addressing stress, improving resilience, and fostering a positive mindset. It also promotes better problem-solving skills, effective communication, and helps manage work-related anxiety. Overall, CBT contributes to a healthier work environment and increased employee productivity.

Benefits of CBT in the Workplace:

  • Stress Reduction: CBT equips employees with tools to manage stress, helping them navigate work pressures more effectively.
  • Improved Problem-Solving: By addressing cognitive distortions, CBT enhances logical thinking, aiding employees in approaching challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.
  • Enhanced Resilience: CBT fosters resilience by teaching coping mechanisms, enabling employees to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to changes in the workplace.
  • Positive Mindset: It promotes a positive outlook by challenging negative thought patterns, leading to improved morale and a more optimistic workplace atmosphere.
  • Effective Communication: CBT can improve interpersonal skills, enhancing communication among team members and reducing workplace conflicts.
  • Increased Productivity: Employees with better mental health, achieved through CBT, tend to be more focused, engaged, and productive in their work.
  • Better Work-Life Balance: CBT assists individuals in establishing boundaries and managing work-related stress, contributing to a healthier work-life balance.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: Improved mental health through CBT may lead to decreased absenteeism as employees are better equipped to handle work-related challenges.
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: CBT can strengthen team relationships by promoting empathy and understanding, creating a more supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Prevention of Burnout: By addressing factors contributing to burnout, CBT helps employees maintain a sustainable level of engagement and satisfaction in their roles.

Practical ways CBT positively contributes to the workplace:

1. Time Management Improvement: CBT techniques can assist employees in identifying and addressing time-wasting habits, leading to better time management and increased productivity.

2. Conflict Resolution Skills: Through CBT, employees can develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills, reducing workplace tensions and promoting a harmonious environment.

3. Meeting Anxiety Reduction: CBT can help individuals manage anxiety related to meetings or presentations, ensuring that employees can contribute confidently and express their ideas more effectively.

4. Workload Stress Management: CBT equips employees with tools to manage overwhelming workloads by breaking tasks into manageable parts and developing realistic strategies for completion.

5. Feedback Processing: CBT can aid in processing feedback constructively, helping employees view feedback as an opportunity for growth rather than a source of stress.

6. Adaptation to Change: In times of organizational change, CBT can assist employees in adapting to new circumstances, fostering a more resilient workforce.

7. Remote Work Adjustment: With the rise of remote work, CBT can help employees navigate the challenges associated with isolation, time management, and maintaining work-life balance.

8. Customer Service Enhancement: CBT techniques can be applied to improve customer service by helping employees manage stress in high-pressure customer interactions and maintain a positive attitude.

9. Team Collaboration: CBT fosters a mindset of collaboration and teamwork, reducing interpersonal conflicts and enhancing overall team dynamics.

10. Leadership Development: CBT can benefit leaders by improving emotional intelligence, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills, contributing to more effective and empathetic leadership.

By incorporating CBT principles, workplaces can create a more supportive and psychologically healthy environment, fostering the well-being and resilience of employees. Training sessions, workshops, and ongoing support can help reinforce these principles and contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Remember, the successful implementation of CBT in the workplace requires commitment from leadership, ongoing communication, and a genuine effort to create a supportive and mentally healthy work environment.

Need help incorporating CBT Principles into your workplace or team dynamic? Get in touch and book a consult with me here.

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The most profitable online business to start!

The most profitable online business by Mickey Roothman Coach Speaker Author Strategist

One of the questions I get asked most as a Life & Business Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author & Strategist is: “What is the most profitable online business to start?”

Now before I give you the answer to that, I want you to decide right now that you won’t immediately discount yourself as someone who can do this when you hear what it is, and that you’ll continue reading. Two of the biggest among many misconceptions about this kind of online business is that: 1) You need a formal qualification to do it. 2) It costs a lot of money to start. If you continue reading after I share this golden nugget with you I promise  I’ll BUST THESE MYTH FOR YOU once and for all! For the past decade THIS online industry has grown exponentially and it is projected to grow even faster and more over the next decade. It is currently the most lucrative & profitable online business to start either full-time or part time and by far the lowest investment cost to get started & grow! The most profitable online business to start either part-time or full time is…  AN ONLINE COACHING BUSINESS! Now as I said, hang ten … Don’t disqualify yourself just yet as someone who can’t do this … Keep reading and you’ll see why. An online coaching business is the ONE business that ANYONE can start and be MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL AT! And best of all, it doesn’t cost you a lot of money or time to start and grow! My very first Coaching Business was a breeze to start. See, when I started it, I had already established myself as an expert in the field of online marketing, branding and business strategy and growth. I had credibility as a mentor and teacher on these topics already so naturally I got clients and grew my business as a Business Coach effortlessly. But just 2 short years ago, I decided to add a second niche, Life Transformation to my coaching business. This was A LOT HARDER than the first time around to turn into a success because I had ZERO formal qualifications, ZERO credibility in that field and due to a bad business deal with a group of scammers where I lost almost everything I had worked over a decade to build, I also had VERY LITTLE money available to do it. I couldn’t afford to go and get a qualification, pay for professional designs, have a fancy website built or to spend on marketing campaigns. I had an okay following on social media but zero credibility with them in the field of Life Transformation since they all knew and trusted me only as an online Business Growth Expert which is how I positioned myself with these audiences. All I knew is I had a passion to teach others about what worked for me to massively transform my own life on the Personal Development & Spiritual journey that I embarked on after I nearly lost everything. Today just 2 short years later, I have a THRIVING Life & Business Transformation coaching business. I’m called upon and featured regularly by the media and other institutions to speak, teach and write on a variety of local and international platforms and am known by my peers as a thought leader in the field of Life & Business Transformation. I’ve been blessed to have already transformed the lives of over 1300 people around the globe whom I’ve never even met or interacted with personally, but who have completed my signature digital Life Transformation Program, radically and rapidly transformed their lives and shared their results and testimonies with me, just 1 year after launching the program.

So HOW did I do it without any formal qualification or funding?

I used my existing skills, talents, knowledge, own life experiences and passions to do it! See that’s really all it takes to become a SUPER SUCCESSFUL ONLINE COACH! You have a unique set of existing skills, talents, knowledge, life experiences and passions that those who are 3 steps behind you are just WAITING FOR YOU to stand up and show them how YOU achieved it. The biggest reason why online coaching and the coaching industry as a whole has grown so rapidly and continues to grow exponentially is because people are looking for REAL people like you and me to show them how WE did it! They don’t have the time to go and figure it out through YouTube videos themselves. They want to do it faster and with much more ease and who better than YOU who has already done it or mastered it to show them EXACTLY HOW? This is just my testimony and story, but I’m not the only one who did it! Hundreds are doing it EVERY DAY! Hundreds of my clients have done it through my step-by-step guidance and courses. And we’re not special or exceptional. ANYONE can do it and YOU can do it too!


What are your current skills, talents, knowledge, experiences, obstacles you’ve overcome, solutions you’ve found and passions either in your current industry and profession or your life that YOU can help those who are 3 steps behind you to achieve? THAT is really what makes a Successful Coach! Now you might be thinking “All good and well Mickey, but I don’t have a clue where to start or how to do it” … Well, that’s where you’re super blessed that you were guided to my inner circle here that I share my tips, tools, strategies and guidance with and to read this email because that’s where people like ME who have already done the hard groundwork, cried the tears, faced the frustrations and the trials and errors come in so it doesn’t have to take you 2 years to figure out on your own! I recently created a Free Guide for you with some of the most common myths and limiting beliefs that almost all new or aspiring coaches that I’ve worked with including myself run into at some point on the journey and that are holding them back from becoming SUPER SUCCESSFUL ONLINE COACHES! I’ve seen what happens when these myths are busted and these limiting beliefs are flipped around, so go check it out here now and grab your FREE COPY of this guide right now. There’s a MASSIVE group of people out there who NEED you and are just WAITING for YOU to share YOUR unique skills, talents, knowledge, experiences and passions with them. And the best part is you can do it from anywhere and make a massive impact in and on this world and the lives of others while actually working a lot less and be abundant at it too! Whether you’ve never considered starting an online coaching business, thought about it but been didn’t think you could do it or you’ve already started but your coaching business is just not booming like you thought it would, this Free Guide will get you started in the right direction to clearing some of the blocks that are holding you back from being a SUPER SUCCESSFUL ONLINE COACH! PS: You might also like this podcast episode where I talk about your Entrepreneurial Purpose and Transformation statement as a Coach or Entrepreneur: Here’s to living your best life possible & to your success!
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What is your Entrepreneurial Purpose?

Blog What is your Entrepreneurial Purpose by Mickey Roothman

Do you have an Entrepreneurial Purpose? What about a Transformation Statement? If you don’t really know what this is, you’re not alone. Majority of the Coaches and Entrepreneurs that I work with have never heard about or considered this, but it is IMPERATIVE for the success and growth of your business.

When it comes to entrepreneurship you may find yourself in one of the following categories: -> You’ve never had a desire to be an entrepreneur and are more than happy working for a boss and a secure salary. -> You’ve always wanted to start your own business, but you’re afraid and don’t think you have the money or resources you believe you need to start it. -> You’ve taken the leap into entrepreneurship but are finding it to be overwhelming, hard, tough, scary and taking over your life. -> You have a successful business of your own and you absolutely love what you do and earn great money doing it! Wherever you find yourself when it comes to the topic of entrepreneurship, in my experience only the last one will achieve sustainable growth and success. and recent research done by Forbes confirms it. No matter where you fall on the scale at present, there’s just one thing standing between you and the success, freedom and abundance that you long for as a business owner and that is PURPOSE! See most people pursue entrepreneurship as a means to “getting rich”, a picture and perception that is drawn about being your own boss by so many especially in the media. We see the flashy cars, the jets, the designer clothes, the world wide travels and we think THAT’S IT! That’s my ticket to being rich. And its okay, most people have a desire to be wealthy and successful but are too afraid to admit it to anyone or even themselves. We’re brought up that wanting to be wealthy is a bad thing, but I would like to offer you a perspective change on this. Wealth in the right hands becomes a resource that is a vehicle that brings healing, hope and love to those who need it and the world as a whole. It isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s only a bad thing if you want wealth simply to satisfy your own material needs. Entrepreneurship is certainly a great thing because it creates jobs, generates wealth, but here’s the DTM (drop the mic moment) … to really be successful as an entrepreneur and generate wealth, the most important questions you need to ask yourself is: “how is my business serving my clients? How is it making their lives better or making the world a better place?”

The truth is that creating a successful business and wealth, doesn’t just take hard work, dedication and passion, it takes PURPOSE!

Without a purpose, you’re ultimately going to find out that you struggle to stay positive, be consistent, reach the success you desire, not hustle your ass off and burn out and to generate real sustainable wealth. When you have an entrepreneurial purpose, success is not only created with more ease and sustainability, but entrepreneur life becomes fulfilling, fun and filled with freedom! Research conducted by Forbes shows that Purpose Driven Businesses are the fastest growing businesses, the most successful and also land the biggest clients. Now that is something to think about. Think about it this way …. If you were faced with a life threatening illness, would you rather go to the doctor who is just doing what he does for the money, or the one who is sold on his PURPOSE to heal, help and diagnose his patients to the best of his ability? When I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship after having built a very successful corporate career and having positioned myself as an expert in the field of Marketing and Branding, I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to HELP people. I knew I wanted to live a life of purpose. But it’s a lot easier said than done once the fears of having to write your own pay check becomes all to real. One day you wake up exhausted, negative, hating what you do, burnt out and unhappy because without even knowing fear crept in and you began to hustle to make money instead of living out your purpose as an entrepreneur. It happens to the best of us. Fear has a very sneaky way of creeping in and making us think that we have to push, drive, hustle, do, work and make things happen if we want to succeed. Here’s why that happened to me. I knew I wanted to live a life of purpose. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I never established what my entrepreneurial purpose was when I started my business, so I couldn’t connect the two in order to make it the foundation of everything I plan and do and how I grow and run my business.

So what is an Entrepreneurial Purpose?

Your entrepreneurial purpose is your WHY. It’s a conscious shift to create and grow your business through service and not through sales. See when we are in fear about generating an income and succeeding, we come from an energy of wanting to make a sale. We need money after all, right? But when we come from an intention and a purpose of SERVING the entire ball game changes! That is when we are able to shift our focus and create our business from the intention of SERVICE. In other words our products or services don’t become things we try to sell. They become things of service that better people’s lives and or the world as a whole.  And THAT is exactly what today’s consumer is looking for!  

“When you focus on your WHY the rest will come” – Oprah Winfrey

Having an entrepreneurial purpose, a WHY will not just get you out of bed and keep you pushing forward when things get tough, it will also create more trust with and also results for your clients. Once you’ve established your entrepreneurial purpose its important to write down your Transformation status for your business. This is your promise as a business and why you exist. It is how you as a business transform people’s lives or this world through your products, services or existence. In a world where there’s a whole lot of destruction and fake going on, consumers are looking for brands and businesses that are real and making a difference and an impact in this world. If you haven’t got an Entrepreneurial Purpose and a Transformation Statement yet, don’t worry. Its NEVER too late! Get it in place right now and watch how it transforms your business and your day to day enjoyment of running and growing your business as well.


To find your Entrepreneurial Purpose and draft your Transformation Statement you can listen to the following episode of my Podcast “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”. In it I share steps for how you can discover your entrepreneurial purpose and begin to draft your transformation statement.    
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Achieving success doesn’t have to be difficult!

I’m going to begin this blog with a bold statement. The truth is that having the life you want and success doesn’t’ have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to take blood, sweat and tears to achieve.

Having the happiness, love, joy, success, wealth and amazing life that you want doesn’t have to be difficult! You can achieve it all with total joy and ease! And even if you think this is a bit “far fetched” or crazy I know you’ll continue reading, because something inside of you just triggered you and recognized this as a truth that resonates on a deep level with your soul. Perhaps you’re thinking “well maybe that’s true for you, but it isn’t for me. It isn’t what I’m experiencing in my life. You don’t know my story. You don’t know my circumstances”. I want to tell you today that you’re not alone. We all have the belief that struggle, stress, strife and hustle is the only way to achieve and have the things we desire. I did too for many years and I’m still in the process daily of changing that deep-rooted core belief that’s been projected onto us by the world from a very young age.

Struggling has become our safe haven, our comfort zone – We’re addicted to it.

Fear and struggle feels like a very natural way for us to control things and stay “safe”. So much so that its become natural for us to be in a state of fear rather than in a state of peace, joy and trust. And its not like we’re all these neurotic nervous wrecks all of the time who are constantly in fear, so is it really such a bad thing then? One of my favorite mentors and teachers, Marianne Williamson says in her book A Return To Love that the opposite of love is not hate but fear. And if you think about it, its actually very true. Fear can take on a variety of forms in our day to day lives. It masks itself behind feelings like judgement, anxiety, defensiveness, worry and jealousy. Our instinct and impulse to try and control everything has fear at the root of it all. We learn to rely on fear as a driving force and to help us feel like we are “in control” of our lives. But here’s the thing …When you rely on fear you are out of alignment with the natural state of your soul and disconnected from the flow, love and support from your Higher Power. Fear is actually blocking you from having the things that you desire and want to attract into your life.

You have faith, but do you really believe you are supported and things can be easy?

The world we live in projects onto us and has us convinced that we need to earn the worthiness of having or achieving something and that it requires struggle, sacrifice and working your ass off for it. Perhaps even from childhood it has been imprinted into your mind that nothing comes easy or for free and if you want something you’re going to have to work hard for it. And its not because the people who brought us up were bad people either. They were just teaching us what they were taught and what’s been passed down from generation to generation. We’ve been taught that pain is a necessary part of life and the process and that to succeed requires a level of suffering. We’re taught that we have to make things happen, and that nothing good ever comes easily or without struggle. Now I’m not making light of or saying that we won’t or don’t experience very difficult circumstances at times on our journeys, I myself have been through tons of them. But, I eventually got fed up with the struggle. Fed up with the strife, the pain, the difficulty, the fear, the anxiety and of feeling like I’ve got to try and “fix” or make things happen myself in order to have a better life. I got so fed up in fact that I went in search of the answers to experiencing and creating the life I wanted from a place of joy, ease, inner peace, certainty and freedom. Today, when difficult experiences come, I’ve learned to consciously choose to see them as divine universal assignment. As learning, growing, healing and evolving experiences, rather than as shameful, dark and scary. Every difficult situation in my life no matter how hard it appeared at the time, has given me the gift of tremendous healing, growth and inner peace on the other side of it once I consciously chose to change my perspective on these kinds of experiences. Choosing to see my difficult experiences with compassion, love and grace and as divine assignments that were here to serve me to grow, heal and learn, has helped me to transform my story of victim into an empowering journey of a victor and I can now honor and love myself for being willing to see it differently and for being open to growing and evolving through them. Each time I choose to see a difficult experience from the perspective of love and trust instead of fear, I go through those experiences with joy and peace. And each time without fail Divine guidance and solutions miraculously show up! Lets be perfectly clear though … I’m not saying we have to suffer and go through difficult times in order to heal, grow and evolve or reach our goal of having the kind of life that we want.  I’m saying that when you’re going through an experience that you perceive as difficult, you can choose to see and experience it from a place of fear, or from a place of love as an opportunity that is here to serve you for your highest possible good. Even if you don’t know what exactly that is at the time. That’s where faith and trust in a Higher Power that loves you and knows what is for your highest good and who promises that He makes all things work together for your good comes in. We can’t always choose or change the things that happen in our lives, but we can change the way we choose to perceive and experience them.

Struggle is not required to create the kind of life you want.

www.mickeyroothman.comIf you believe that it has to be difficult and that you have to struggle to have the life that you want, I want to assure you today from experience that you don’t have to struggle to be happy, successful or whatever it is you desire. I’ve seen proof of it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of many of my clients once they lay down and let go of this belief that has been projected onto us by society. I want you to choose today, right here right now, to let go of that idea and that belief. I want you to choose today to believe that you can create and have the life that you want with total ease and joy!

Your belief in struggle is what’s holding you back.

Almost all of us have allowed the world and ourselves to convince us that in order to reach success, it has to be difficult, a struggle and a hustle. We’re even told by many gurus that these are some of the keys to success and that suffering and sacrifice is a part of the package and the journey to achieving it. And because that is our “story” and our “belief”, we have to continue creating it in our reality because the mind will always create more proof of what we already believe. So this belief is actually what is holding us back from achieving success and definitely from doing so with joy and with ease – because “it has to be a struggle”, right?

Want proof? Here’s the geeky science side of this.

–> Our beliefs are what’s driving everything that we “see” <– and how we perceive it in our reality. Our mind is responsible for interpreting the picture that our eyes see and it always completes that picture based on what we believe. Whatever the mind is thinking causes us to feel a certain way. Our feelings are energy and so is everything else in this universe. And likeness attracts likeness, so therefor we attract the same energy to us as the energy of what we are feeling. Can you see then how if your belief is that life has to be a struggle your mind will interpret all things you see as a struggle? This then leads to fear based thoughts which in turn leads to feelings of fear, lack, not-good-enoughness, etc and … PESTO!… that’s exactly what you attract to yourself then. More fear, lack and not-good-enoughness experiences and things. The energetic frequency that we vibrate at (our thoughts which become our feelings) either brings us closer to the love and support that is available to us all in this universe, or it resists and repels it. When we have fear-based, low-vibe beliefs we have those kinds of thought on repeat and that creates an energetic momentum that will manifest more of that into your life. It becomes a viscous cycle. If you believe it has to be a struggle and difficult, you will experience struggle and difficulty ALL OF THE TIME!

Success really is an inside job!

My old story of  “I have to struggle to survive” started in the womb already and perpetuated on a sub-conscious level throughout my life and manifested in my businesses, relationships, finances and all areas of my life as a grown up. Because I believed I had to struggle to survive, I hustled so hard when I started my first business to the point where my body literally couldn’t keep up anymore. And guess what … I worked my ass off to always just barely survive financially instead of thriving. It had to be that way because that was my belief. My success story only changed once I changed that old story and belief. Sustainable success is only 20% of what you do (the actions you take) and a whopping 80% what you believe and think. Yes, you will have to do the work and take action, but if your beliefs are limiting and not in alignment with your goals, success is not sustainable and at remains completely out of reach. As a born strategist I use to be all about the 20%, but it wasn’t’ until I focused on the 80% that my success story transformed for good.


The moment I consciously decided to finally release and let go of that belief that I had to struggle to be successful and survive, and instead to believe that I deserve happiness, success, joy, inner peace and to be alive, my life transformed massively!  I began to experience the love, support, guidance and connection to my Higher Power that I could co-create my life with from a space of total flow, ease and joy! Amazing opportunities and people started flowing into my life at the exact right times from seemingly out of nowhere and I began to create a life and business that was beyond what I ever could have imagined was possible for me – especially without any difficulty or struggle! I’m not lucky. I’m not privileged in any way. I am no different than, better than or worse than anyone else. And neither are you. You can have it too. We are all created exactly the same. We all have the same capabilities and support and we are all under the same scientific, spiritual and universal laws while we’re existing in this universe. What one of us achieves is merely a reflection to another of what is possible for them as well. success


If you’re ready to finally let go of the struggle, the hustle, the difficulty, the fear and all of those things that you were taught to believe are part of the package to having the kind of life you desire to live, then here’s what I want you to do for yourself today. Decide today to let go of your old story and belief that you have to struggle to get what you want and to be happy, fulfilled and at peace. Say this out-loud to yourself: “I release my old story and belief that having the life I want has to be difficult and a struggle. I declare and choose to create the life I desire with joy and with ease.” Write the following affirmation down and put it up everywhere in your house. Say it every day. Put it as an hourly reminder for yourself on your phone:  “I do not need to suffer and struggle to have the life that I want. I get to create the life I desire with total joy and ease!” A high-vibe affirmation of love, joy and freedom will begin to cultivate a new energy within you and around you and that is what ultimately allows you to attract those things that you desire into your life. And if you find yourself going back into fear, struggle and trying to control it all again, gently guide yourself back to this truth with compassion and just choose again. Take a few moments now to feel into and reflect on how free, supported and light you feel after releasing that old belief and story. NB: Have compassion for yourself through this process. Remember we all did the best we could with what we knew at any given moment of our lives. And now that you know this you can choose again. You can choose freedom, joy and ease over suffering and struggle. Post in the comments below if you’ve just released and done this. If you’d like to you can also share how you feel right now after having released this and making a conscious decision to create your life from a place of joy and ease. I would love to support you and honor you for choosing to consciously change this old story and belief and to be free from it for good.

Make feeling good your #1 priority from this moment on!

Now that you understand that you’re attracting the success, happiness and joy you want and desire into your life through consciously choosing new beliefs, thoughts and feeling good, make feeling good your new #1 priority! Consciously choose to embody the energetic vibration of the things you desire and you will experience yourself become a magnet for things, people and experiences that are a vibrational match for that energy! My hope is that this blog has served you.

Ready to dive deeper into creating a life you love?

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4 easy ways to instantly increase your cash flow.

 It’s that time of year where everyone is thinking about CASH FLOW, right?

Increasing cash flow in your business can sometimes feel near impossible, but it really isn’t! Don’t believe me? Here are 4 very easy ways to instantly increase YOUR cash flow RIGHT NOW!


1)  CUT – CUT – GROW:

Grow Money To increase your cash flow do an in-depth analysis of your day to day as well as your monthly expenses in your company. This includes everything from documents you and your staff print out, to coffee and tea that is consumed. Once you have a comprehensive list of exactly how much you are spending on what, look for areas where you can cut costs. For instance, if you are currently buying the most expensive brand of coffee, and your staff consumes a whole tin of coffee in one week, look at purchasing an alternative brand that costs less. The same goes for certain services you may be paying for. For instance, if you are currently paying X for your email hosting services, get alternative quotes to find a service provider that can provide you with this service at lower rates than your current service provider.  When you start adding up your savings in the areas where you’ve cut, you will see that you have created an additional amount of cash flow that is now available every month, and this adds up to increase your cash flow over the next 6 – 12 months as well, giving you much needed cash flow to further grow your business.



Negotiating Deals Have a look at some of the services you are paying for and the relationships that you have with those suppliers. Are any of your suppliers also start up businesses? Do any of these suppliers need the type of services you have to offer? Or do you perhaps need a specific service to grow your business but cannot afford it at the moment? Find a supplier that offers the service that you need, but who also needs the kind of services that you offer, and do a trade exchange with them.

Trade exchanges are as good as paying money for a service, but services are being traded instead of money. Be sure to secure any trade exchange with a written agreement stating what each party agrees to give to each other in services every month, and put a monetary value to it so you are clear on the value of each of the services being traded. Also ensure that you put a timeline to the trade exchange stating the start date and end date or review date of the agreement to trade services.

I’ve assisted many of my clients and students in building and growing very successful businesses with no capital, just trade exchanges, and built my very first business with trade exchanges as well. Who can you think of that you can do a trade exchange with right now?



network  Have a look at your existing suppliers and make a list of suppliers that render services you need to grow your business, and negotiate better payment terms with them. For example, if you are currently paying cash on delivery, negotiate to run a 30 or even 60 day account with them. This way, you have that cash flow available to grow your business for an additional 30 – 60 days from receiving your goods or services from your supplier. This ties in with the next point, so read on….



close deals Have a look at your current payment terms that you offer to your clients. Are they paying in installments? Are they paying a deposit upfront? Are they paying in full upfront? Incentivise your clients to pay in full upfront by offering them a discounted rate for doing so. This will most definitely assist in cash flow in your business, right? For example, if you offer a monthly service at R1000 per month, incentivise clients to pay 6 months to a year’s installments in advance to receive a 20% discount on the total amount for that period.



Incentivise your existing customers to send referrals to you. You can offer them a commission share if the referral becomes a client, or a discount on the services you deliver to them per for example 5 referrals that they send to you, who become customers of yours.


If you action the above key steps to increasing your cash flow NOW, you can start the new year off with the cash flow that you need to grow your business and get the results that you want even faster.

Here’s to your success!

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