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Life Transformation Results We’ve all been there, right?  We decide to go on a life transformation journey, become a better version of ourselves & be more positive.  And then we start with the best of intentions to do whatever it takes to help us do just that! We start doing affirmations, meditating, reading inspirational books, listening to inspirational podcasts and even enroll in a coaching program or two to help us get there. And because we’re doing all of these things, our internal and external lives start shifting and we start seeing the RESULTS. We start understanding more about who we are and why we are here. We have some life altering aha-moments on the journey too and its REALLY AWESOME & EXCITING! We feel like we are ON TOP OF THE WORLD! But then suddenly, something happens and ….. BAM!  Everything comes crashing down and we feel like everything we’ve learned and done didn’t last! I’ve seen this happen to many people in my over a decade of coaching. And I’ve seen it happen to me in my own life as well. Not just with life transformation tools and practices but with just about any new habit or skill that we try to implement into our lives. We go onto a massive high but then it seems to all come crashing down at some point, which either leaves us feeling like it is impossible for us to change ourselves or our lives, like this stuff doesn’t work, or at the very least like it works but it just doesn’t seem to last. What if I told you there’s a reason why this happens to so many people? What if I told you there are ways you can ensure that the tools and practices you implement and the results you experience at first STICK? WATCH THIS VIDEO of one of my final live coaching session with one of my first ever groups to complete my signature program, The Ultimate Life Transformation Program.  In this video I reveal exactly why this happens and how you can stay on the path and make your results STICK! This video will only be up for a limited time so WATCH IT HERE NOW!