Why We Need Contrast To Be, Do & Have Better In Life

Why we need contrast and nothing is difficult or wrong

If you’re ready to be, do & have better in life but it feels like you’re experiencing the opposite of what you want right now or don’t understand the contrast we sometimes face, then keep reading.

  Its 06:00 on a beautiful Autumn morning.   I look outside the window in awe of the majestic sunrise over a clear sky, birds merrily chirping to greet another day.   My eyes catch a glimpse of my pooches still fast asleep next to me and my heart and face light up with love and gratitude for these two little fur balls.   “How blissful they look” I think.  “Just the perfect picture and epitome of unconditional Love and just being.”   “Yeah its probably because every day is a good day for them. They don’t experience ups, downs and stresses of life like we do as humans” my ego mind chimes in with the conversation.   But very quickly my consciousness interrupts the egoic thoughts asking: “Why can’t every day just be great? Why do we have amazing days and then not so amazing days? I mean life would just be great if we never had to do anything we don’t enjoy or have those harder conversations in life, wouldn’t it? Would it, really?”   My mind began to wonder, searching for the answers to these loaded questions I just posed to it.   It began to take me back to memories of days that were just all rainbows, glitter, unicorns and feel good warm and fuzzy stuff and experiences.   Then it took me back to a few memories of days that I’d rather forget where it felt like my heart was bleeding to death and I thought I’d never survive.   “No wonder most people prefer to avoid, run from and bury the more difficult experiences and emotions rather than to face them” my ego tries to interrupt the conversation again.   And then it suddenly hit me!   We live in a universe full of contrast!
  • Day and night.
  • Summer and Winter.
  • Male and female.
  • Light and dark.
  But why does contrast even exist? I mean wouldn’t it just be easier and a heck of a lot more amazing if everything was always constant, the way we like it and just all moonshine and roses all of the time?   Truth is no it wouldn’t be. Aside from the fact that we’d actually get totally bored with life (I mean just imagine sitting through a movie where everything is just perfect the whole way through with no suspense, no plot, no unfolding, no twists and turns), the contrast actually is intended to serve our highest good. That is the core purpose of its existence.  

We actually need it.

Without the contrast we could never grow, expand and evolve into the highest version of ourselves and what our soul’s pursuit and purpose on this earth really is.   Do I prefer the great days? HECK YES! I’m sure most of us do. But if we didn’t have the “not so great ones” then how would we even know what the good ones feel like?   If darkness didn’t exist, there would have been no such thing as or even a need for light.   The fact that Thomas Edison even thought of inventing the light bulb was because darkness existed which created a need for it, right?   Without contrast we would really all just be robots existing with no purpose, no desires, no experiences, no evolution and frankly no emotions or a need for them.   There would be no innovation or technology either.   Think about it for a second. The reason you know what happiness feels like is because you’ve experienced sadness. The reason you know how you like your coffee is because you’ve experienced more than one brand, more than one way of drinking it, right?   Our need for things to be done simpler, better, faster and different has also driven innovation and technology as we know it today and it is all birthed through a desire and a need for things to be different which we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t experience the opposite of it first.   Without the one, the other simply cannot and would not exist.   Sure, we would all rather have perfect relationships and never have to have the hard conversations. We would all rather experience happiness than sadness, ease rather than difficulty. But it is really our labeling and judgement of things (our perception of them) that makes them appear good or bad to us.   We label and judge things as good or bad, easy or difficult, how it should or shouldn’t be based on societal norms and beliefs that have been handed to us, when in fact it all is exactly as it should be.   This is exactly why it also doesn’t serve us when all of us are trying to change who we are or be or look the way society has labelled as acceptable, perfect, successful, happy, good, bad, pretty or whatever else. We need our unique differences to serve the evolution and highest good for us all and of this planet that we call home for now too.  

What if I told you that it is your desire to evolve that drew the opposite into your experience in the first place?

    Think about it for a second. By experiencing the opposite of what you want you identify and learn what it is you do want. That’s GROWTH. That’s EXPANSION. That’s EVOLUTION!   And its never ending too. The type of partner you’re attracted to has vastly changed over the years as you experienced and refined what you do want in a partner by dating people who showed you what you didn’t want, right?   Life is always going to present us with contrast. How it serves us lies in how we choose to see it.   When we see it as “This shouldn’t be happening. This isn’t how things should be” we have a not so good experience.   But when we see it as “Everything is as it should be and it is always happening for me to serve my highest good” we cruise blissfully through what others may perceive as “bad days” or “bad times” with our inner peace and happiness in tact.   For me that is really what free will is.   If our story was already written before we were born, it really just comes down to how we choose to experience it. We can either experience it from a place of “God promised that all things He makes work together for my good. So this too is for my good” while waiting for the unfolding and the next chapter. Or we can experience it from a place of “God has lost control and this shouldn’t be happening and is never going to get better.”   Either way how you end up experiencing that thing will reflect how you choose to see it.   We only really have 2 choices in any experience life throws at us. To perceive and experience things through the eyes of Love, or through the eyes of fear.   And although contrast is what helps us to learn, grow, heal, evolve and expand, we can always choose to learn through love and not through difficulty or fear.  


When a “problem” situation pops up. Don’t panic and don’t go into those old familiar thought patterns of “Why is this happening? How am I gong to solve this? What am I going to do?”.   Instead take a moment to stop, breath deeply a couple of times, silence those thoughts and say this out loud to yourself: All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this experience only good will come. I am safe.   Take note of firstly how much better and calmer you feel and then be expectant and on the look out for the universe to present the solution or to you or dissolve the “problem” for you, as it was always designed and intended to do.   We don’t ever really need to fix “problems”.  We only need to fix our thinking and perspective about it.   That in itself is already growth, evolution & expansion that serves your highest good and the highest good of all others involved.  


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EMOTIONAL DETOX: 7 Pivotal Steps To Emotional Freedom

Wheel of Emotions So its one of “those” days where everything that could possibly go wrong; does, and your emotions are off the charts, in fact your emotional well being seems severely under attack and at risk. You wake up only to see that its 06:30 AM and that’s the time you’re already supposed to be leaving for work. Your alarm clock didn’t go off for some inexplicable reason and no matter what you do, you’re going to be late! You hustle to shove yourself into the outfit you luckily laid out for work already last night, but as you grab your coffee to get one sip in on the way out, you spill it all over your brand new, crisp white Chanel shirt. So you rush to change only to find that your back-up preference is in the washing basket and your washing day is only tomorrow.. You eventually make it to the car with no further delays only to realize that you forgot to fill up your tank last night and the petrol light seems like its deliberately trying to be snarky flashing the words “EMPTY” in big red letters at you! You finally make it to the office and it appears that all hell had broken loose in the mere 10 minutes that you were late. To top it all off, the boss is in a bad mood and glaring at you (you think its probably because you’re late) and he piles yet another crisis that is on deadline onto you. At this point the “drama queen” inside your head revs it up a gear, kick into overdrive and she’s like: “He’s probably testing me to see if I will manage. He’s just setting me up to fail.  He never liked me anyway. I bet he is just looking for a reason to fire me and my being late just added another bullet to his arsenal. Oh my gosh how will I find work again. The job market is so over-saturated as it is. I’m going to starve and end up living as a bum on the street. Why didn’t I just take my phone in last time it did that? Oh yes it was because I had to work late to finish that project. That my boss doesn’t remember. He doesn’t even see the value I bring to the team and all of the extra things I do. Why the heck do I do them anyway? They don’t appreciate me. No one does. Its because I’m not good enough. Just like my ex. Nothing is ever good enough. Maybe I should just resign before he fires me”EASY THERE GIRL! STOP & BREATHE! We’ve all had a day, at times a week and some are even convinced a life like this, right? Okay that may have been a little bit over dramatized but you get the gist. And it serves the point I’m getting to. When you read that, how did it make you feel? A little anxious perhaps? Did your heart start racing or your stomach turn into a knot? Changes are that it absolutely did. That wasn’t even happening for real and it wasn’t even happening to YOU, yet your body reacted to it physically anyway and here’s why.
  • The mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. So whatever you’re thinking it thinks is really happening. I wrote that in the first person and you read it that way too, so your mind did 2 things there. It perceived is as something you are really thinking and thus experiencing and it reacted accordingly by letting you feel it as emotions and physical manifestations in your body.
  • Despite most people believing that their emotions cause their thoughts, its actually the other way around. Our thoughts cause our emotions. You read it (thus thought it) and pesto, you felt it right? Not convinced? Think of a person or situation that makes you anxious. Focus on your body for a second and feel how and where you can feel that anxiety in your body. Whatever you thought about isn’t even happening at the moment yet you were able to conjure up those emotions physically in the present and physically react to it anyway just because you thought about it.
From a young age, most of us are taught that emotions are a bad thing, not acceptable, shameful and even a sign of weakness. But the truth is its really our power! Our emotions are our GPS and KPI’s to what we can expect to experience showing up in our reality soon. Emotional Healing Detox   Let me explain. So you already know that our thoughts cause our emotions. But what are emotions? Just like thoughts, emotions are vibrational energy. And Science and in Quantum circles it has already been proven that energy attracts the same energy to itself. So whatever vibrational energy you are sending out through your emotions is really what you’re attracting more of to yourself then. Right about now you may also be having a little “AHA’ moment going on inside of you as to why it is that when one bad thing happens it can feel like it caused a snowball effect causing an avalanche of sh*t bombs rolling your way. But, this doesn’t have to happen. See if you re-calibrated your energy after the first shitty thing happened, you wouldn’t have attracted more drama into your experience. Re-calibrate your what now? Well basically if you chose a better thinking thought in that moment like: “Well, stuff happens. I couldn’t control the alarm clock not going off. I’m never late and I’m a hard worker so I’m sure my boss will understand. Everything happens for a reason and I am thankful for whatever this experience was here to teach me or protect me from” , none of that other stuff would have happened. You would have pivoted from a low negative vibrational energy (thoughts and feelings) to a high vibrational energy in an instant and that would have been the end of it. The rest of your day would have gone a lot smoother and you would have had a lot more joy and inner peace too. So what we attract then really starts with our thoughts. But here’s the big whopper! We think around 80 000 thoughts a day and only 5% of those thoughts are thoughts we are consciously aware of. The other 95% are subconscious thought patterns based on our upbringing, past experiences and beliefs that are running on auto-pilot. Hang ten now, don’t get discouraged just yet! The title of this blog said that this was about showing you how to do it and I always deliver on my promises. Okay, so if we we’re not even aware of our thoughts like 95% of the time and they’re running on auto pilot, how do we then know when we are thinking a low vibrational thought that will attract more low vibrational experiences to us? QUE DRUM ROLE PLEASE ….. Through our EMOTIONS! Like I said in the beginning, our emotions are really our GPS for what we are busy attracting to ourselves and creating in our lives. And lets face it. It’s a heck of a lot easier to be aware of how you feel than it is to try and manage 80 000 thoughts a day of which 95% are subconsciously on autopilot. We usually know when we don’t feel well emotionally because our body reacts to it physically in manifestations like stomach knots, headaches, neck spasms, ground down teeth, chest pains and so much more. The important one to mention here is that it may manifest as debilitating and even serious physical illnesses. Emotions are energy but they also cause chemicals to form in our body. This is really the body’s way of trying to protect us, our built in protection and self preservation mechanism. But these chemicals were meant to protect us for short term threats we experience in our environment and they were never meant to be present for extended periods of time. So when we are not aware of low vibrational thoughts causing low vibrational feelings and manifesting as toxins in our body that aren’t dealt with over an extended period of time, our body will eventually warn us that something needs to get “processed” and worked on that is causing it to malfunction in the form of illness. if we can learn to become aware of our emotions and to process them, we can nip it in the bud straight away and not wait for more bad experiences to show up or for physical illness to set in to tell us that we are headed for disaster.


  • Set hourly reminders on your phone that just says “How do I feel?” – Stuff happens throughout our day and this way we are prompted to become aware of how we feel every hour, and then either process it or at the very least pivot by choosing a better thinking thought and better feeling emotion in that moment, stopping the low vibrational thoughts and energies from gaining more momentum.
  • At the end of the day before you go to sleep or when you’re soaking in a bath, reflect on your day’s experiences. Become aware of how they made you feel, what you thought about it and how you acted and reacted to it. This way you choose to pivot and stop those low vibrational thoughts, feelings, experiences and frankly the story you told yourself about it in its tracks at least once a day and you don’t carry it into the next day with you which stops its from gaining momentum.
PS: If you’re like me and you struggle to identify what emotion you are feeling at times, have no fear. Use the following Wheel Of Emotions Chart to help you to hit the nail on the head. Wheel Of Feelings Now you may be thinking, “what about all the other times I didn’t do this because I didn’t know about it yet? “Fact is there may be some old trapped emotions in your body that you need to release. Its time for you to do an Emotional Detox! Clean the slate and pivot! You’ll experience tremendous emotional freedom and as a bonus your energy levels and health will increase as well. Overall you’ll just be feeling GREAT and attracting more of the experiences you DO want into your life as a result. Like everything in life it takes some commitment and action on your part, but I promise you it is easy to do and so damn worth it!


You can do this exercise as an emotional detox now to process specific events and experiences, but its also a great daily practice to incorporate when you become aware of how you’re feelings through your hourly phone reminders, or once a day when you’re reflecting on the day that has passed. These 7 steps will help you to process and release emotions straight away with a lot more ease as you bring them to conscious awareness.


Check out the blog on The Roadmap To Finding Wholeness & Inner Peace Check out the blog on 5 Steps To Lasting Happiness That No One’s Told You About Dive a little deeper into a meaningful life with my Ultimate Life Transformation Program Listen to this Podcast Episode of Breakthrough on 5 Steps To Getting Your Breakthrough  Connect with me on Facebook Connect with me on Instagram Connect with me on Linkedin



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BLOG: Are you unattractive to the things you desire to attract and manifest?

When they get or have what you want

So you’ve put a desire out into the universe that you would like to manifest or attract into your life, but then it begins to looks and feel like everyone else around you is getting that very thing, except for YOU.

Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives before. And it really isn’t that you begrudge anyone else receiving love, happiness, success, wealth and great opportunities but when this happens, it can leave us feeling left out, not good enough and frankly a little sad, angry and even resentful, right? I recently shared one of my own personal experiences with this in an episode on my podcast channel Food For Thought, but about a year and a half ago, I had something that I decided I was ready to manifest and attract into my life. A desire I had ignored for many years before that.  And sure enough the moment I put it out there, just about EVERYONE around me was getting that very thing, except for ME! And I was really wanting and trying to be happy for them and celebrate with them, but it felt a little “forced”. Because deep down it really felt like a punch in my stomach and a “stuff-you” from the universe each time. This sent me into a thought pattern that left me feeling absolutely horrible! “I’m not a jealous person, nor do I begrudge anyone achieving or receiving good things in their life, so why the heck am I feeling this way?” I asked myself. Turning inward to investigate this was the best thing I could have done! It helped me to grow, evolve, identify and heal some serious limiting beliefs I had, but it also helped me to celebrate for those around me who were getting the things I was wanting to attract, and begin to attract those things into my own life as well.

You see, all things are energy, and so are we.

Energy is how we attract the things we want into our lives. And because of the thoughts I was thinking due to my limiting beliefs, it caused some serious negative and low vibration emotions inside of me which was literally making me UNATTRACTIVE to the very thing I was trying to attract into my life because I wasn’t an energetic match for it. Our beliefs cause our thoughts and our thoughts cause our emotions which in turn creates our energetic frequency that we vibrate at, which then attracts similar energetic frequencies to us.


If you’ve been struggling to manifest or attract a specific desire into your life, and perhaps everyone else around you seems to be getting that very thing that you have been wanting, the answer is to start with GETTING A CHECK-UP FROM THE NECK UP! Pause for a second to turn inward and investigate what you are busy thinking and feeling. What are you making this mean about you, life, love, success or whatever it is you are trying to attract and manifest into your life? How is this story you are telling yourself about it making you feel? Now QUESTION THAT! -> Can you say that the story you are telling yourself about it is 100% true? -> Is there even a 1% chance that this could NOT be the truth? – Find evidence of how this could possibly not be the truth, even if its just 1 example. Now change your perspective on how you’ve been viewing it and FLIP THE SCRIPT by telling yourself a new truth and story about it. Notice how your emotions almost instantly shift to a higher vibration and how that heavy weight lifts off of you from the previous false story your mind told you about that situation or thing. By shifting your thoughts and emotions, you’re already shifting into becoming an energetic match for that thing you are trying to manifest and attract. YES, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY! Personal and Business Transformation Coach Speaker AuthorAs I mentioned earlier in this blog post I recently dove deeper into this topic in a podcast episode on my Podcast Channel Food For Thought. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: -> How to consciously ensure that you are an energetic match for the thing you wish to attract. -> What could be holding you back and resisting/blocking the very thing that you are trying to manifest. -> How to handle it when someone else has or is getting the very thing that you wanted or have been trying to manifest or attract into your own life. -> How to FLIP THE SCRIPT and change your perspective on the situation.

If you are ready to start attracting and manifesting your desires with ease and joy, you can go and have a listen to this podcast episode “When they have or get what you want” on the following links:



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Achieving success doesn’t have to be difficult!


I’m going to begin this blog with a bold statement. The truth is that having the life you want and success doesn’t’ have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to take blood, sweat and tears to achieve.

Having the happiness, love, joy, success, wealth and amazing life that you want doesn’t have to be difficult! You can achieve it all with total joy and ease! And even if you think this is a bit “far fetched” or crazy I know you’ll continue reading, because something inside of you just triggered you and recognized this as a truth that resonates on a deep level with your soul. Perhaps you’re thinking “well maybe that’s true for you, but it isn’t for me. It isn’t what I’m experiencing in my life. You don’t know my story. You don’t know my circumstances”. I want to tell you today that you’re not alone. We all have the belief that struggle, stress, strife and hustle is the only way to achieve and have the things we desire. I did too for many years and I’m still in the process daily of changing that deep-rooted core belief that’s been projected onto us by the world from a very young age.

Struggling has become our safe haven, our comfort zone – We’re addicted to it.

Fear and struggle feels like a very natural way for us to control things and stay “safe”. So much so that its become natural for us to be in a state of fear rather than in a state of peace, joy and trust. And its not like we’re all these neurotic nervous wrecks all of the time who are constantly in fear, so is it really such a bad thing then? One of my favorite mentors and teachers, Marianne Williamson says in her book A Return To Love that the opposite of love is not hate but fear. And if you think about it, its actually very true. Fear can take on a variety of forms in our day to day lives. It masks itself behind feelings like judgement, anxiety, defensiveness, worry and jealousy. Our instinct and impulse to try and control everything has fear at the root of it all. We learn to rely on fear as a driving force and to help us feel like we are “in control” of our lives. But here’s the thing …When you rely on fear you are out of alignment with the natural state of your soul and disconnected from the flow, love and support from your Higher Power. Fear is actually blocking you from having the things that you desire and want to attract into your life.

You have faith, but do you really believe you are supported and things can be easy?

The world we live in projects onto us and has us convinced that we need to earn the worthiness of having or achieving something and that it requires struggle, sacrifice and working your ass off for it. Perhaps even from childhood it has been imprinted into your mind that nothing comes easy or for free and if you want something you’re going to have to work hard for it. And its not because the people who brought us up were bad people either. They were just teaching us what they were taught and what’s been passed down from generation to generation. We’ve been taught that pain is a necessary part of life and the process and that to succeed requires a level of suffering. We’re taught that we have to make things happen, and that nothing good ever comes easily or without struggle. Now I’m not making light of or saying that we won’t or don’t experience very difficult circumstances at times on our journeys, I myself have been through tons of them. But, I eventually got fed up with the struggle. Fed up with the strife, the pain, the difficulty, the fear, the anxiety and of feeling like I’ve got to try and “fix” or make things happen myself in order to have a better life. I got so fed up in fact that I went in search of the answers to experiencing and creating the life I wanted from a place of joy, ease, inner peace, certainty and freedom. Today, when difficult experiences come, I’ve learned to consciously choose to see them as divine universal assignment. As learning, growing, healing and evolving experiences, rather than as shameful, dark and scary. Every difficult situation in my life no matter how hard it appeared at the time, has given me the gift of tremendous healing, growth and inner peace on the other side of it once I consciously chose to change my perspective on these kinds of experiences. Choosing to see my difficult experiences with compassion, love and grace and as divine assignments that were here to serve me to grow, heal and learn, has helped me to transform my story of victim into an empowering journey of a victor and I can now honor and love myself for being willing to see it differently and for being open to growing and evolving through them. Each time I choose to see a difficult experience from the perspective of love and trust instead of fear, I go through those experiences with joy and peace. And each time without fail Divine guidance and solutions miraculously show up! Lets be perfectly clear though … I’m not saying we have to suffer and go through difficult times in order to heal, grow and evolve or reach our goal of having the kind of life that we want.  I’m saying that when you’re going through an experience that you perceive as difficult, you can choose to see and experience it from a place of fear, or from a place of love as an opportunity that is here to serve you for your highest possible good. Even if you don’t know what exactly that is at the time. That’s where faith and trust in a Higher Power that loves you and knows what is for your highest good and who promises that He makes all things work together for your good comes in. We can’t always choose or change the things that happen in our lives, but we can change the way we choose to perceive and experience them.

Struggle is not required to create the kind of life you want.

www.mickeyroothman.comIf you believe that it has to be difficult and that you have to struggle to have the life that you want, I want to assure you today from experience that you don’t have to struggle to be happy, successful or whatever it is you desire. I’ve seen proof of it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of many of my clients once they lay down and let go of this belief that has been projected onto us by society. I want you to choose today, right here right now, to let go of that idea and that belief. I want you to choose today to believe that you can create and have the life that you want with total ease and joy!

Your belief in struggle is what’s holding you back.

Almost all of us have allowed the world and ourselves to convince us that in order to reach success, it has to be difficult, a struggle and a hustle. We’re even told by many gurus that these are some of the keys to success and that suffering and sacrifice is a part of the package and the journey to achieving it. And because that is our “story” and our “belief”, we have to continue creating it in our reality because the mind will always create more proof of what we already believe. So this belief is actually what is holding us back from achieving success and definitely from doing so with joy and with ease – because “it has to be a struggle”, right?

Want proof? Here’s the geeky science side of this.

–> Our beliefs are what’s driving everything that we “see” <– and how we perceive it in our reality. Our mind is responsible for interpreting the picture that our eyes see and it always completes that picture based on what we believe. Whatever the mind is thinking causes us to feel a certain way. Our feelings are energy and so is everything else in this universe. And likeness attracts likeness, so therefor we attract the same energy to us as the energy of what we are feeling. Can you see then how if your belief is that life has to be a struggle your mind will interpret all things you see as a struggle? This then leads to fear based thoughts which in turn leads to feelings of fear, lack, not-good-enoughness, etc and … PESTO!… that’s exactly what you attract to yourself then. More fear, lack and not-good-enoughness experiences and things. The energetic frequency that we vibrate at (our thoughts which become our feelings) either brings us closer to the love and support that is available to us all in this universe, or it resists and repels it. When we have fear-based, low-vibe beliefs we have those kinds of thought on repeat and that creates an energetic momentum that will manifest more of that into your life. It becomes a viscous cycle. If you believe it has to be a struggle and difficult, you will experience struggle and difficulty ALL OF THE TIME!

Success really is an inside job!

My old story of  “I have to struggle to survive” started in the womb already and perpetuated on a sub-conscious level throughout my life and manifested in my businesses, relationships, finances and all areas of my life as a grown up. Because I believed I had to struggle to survive, I hustled so hard when I started my first business to the point where my body literally couldn’t keep up anymore. And guess what … I worked my ass off to always just barely survive financially instead of thriving. It had to be that way because that was my belief. My success story only changed once I changed that old story and belief. Sustainable success is only 20% of what you do (the actions you take) and a whopping 80% what you believe and think. Yes, you will have to do the work and take action, but if your beliefs are limiting and not in alignment with your goals, success is not sustainable and at remains completely out of reach. As a born strategist I use to be all about the 20%, but it wasn’t’ until I focused on the 80% that my success story transformed for good.


The moment I consciously decided to finally release and let go of that belief that I had to struggle to be successful and survive, and instead to believe that I deserve happiness, success, joy, inner peace and to be alive, my life transformed massively!  I began to experience the love, support, guidance and connection to my Higher Power that I could co-create my life with from a space of total flow, ease and joy! Amazing opportunities and people started flowing into my life at the exact right times from seemingly out of nowhere and I began to create a life and business that was beyond what I ever could have imagined was possible for me – especially without any difficulty or struggle! I’m not lucky. I’m not privileged in any way. I am no different than, better than or worse than anyone else. And neither are you. You can have it too. We are all created exactly the same. We all have the same capabilities and support and we are all under the same scientific, spiritual and universal laws while we’re existing in this universe. What one of us achieves is merely a reflection to another of what is possible for them as well. success


If you’re ready to finally let go of the struggle, the hustle, the difficulty, the fear and all of those things that you were taught to believe are part of the package to having the kind of life you desire to live, then here’s what I want you to do for yourself today. Decide today to let go of your old story and belief that you have to struggle to get what you want and to be happy, fulfilled and at peace. Say this out-loud to yourself: “I release my old story and belief that having the life I want has to be difficult and a struggle. I declare and choose to create the life I desire with joy and with ease.” Write the following affirmation down and put it up everywhere in your house. Say it every day. Put it as an hourly reminder for yourself on your phone:  “I do not need to suffer and struggle to have the life that I want. I get to create the life I desire with total joy and ease!” A high-vibe affirmation of love, joy and freedom will begin to cultivate a new energy within you and around you and that is what ultimately allows you to attract those things that you desire into your life. And if you find yourself going back into fear, struggle and trying to control it all again, gently guide yourself back to this truth with compassion and just choose again. Take a few moments now to feel into and reflect on how free, supported and light you feel after releasing that old belief and story. NB: Have compassion for yourself through this process. Remember we all did the best we could with what we knew at any given moment of our lives. And now that you know this you can choose again. You can choose freedom, joy and ease over suffering and struggle. Post in the comments below if you’ve just released and done this. If you’d like to you can also share how you feel right now after having released this and making a conscious decision to create your life from a place of joy and ease. I would love to support you and honor you for choosing to consciously change this old story and belief and to be free from it for good.

Make feeling good your #1 priority from this moment on!

Now that you understand that you’re attracting the success, happiness and joy you want and desire into your life through consciously choosing new beliefs, thoughts and feeling good, make feeling good your new #1 priority! Consciously choose to embody the energetic vibration of the things you desire and you will experience yourself become a magnet for things, people and experiences that are a vibrational match for that energy! My hope is that this blog has served you.

Ready to dive deeper into creating a life you love?

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[A POWERFUL PRAYER] When you struggle to let go & let God

Powerful Prayer “Let go and let God” is sometimes much easier said than done. As a strategist by profession and by nature trusting, letting go and relinquishing control was probably one of the hardest things for me to learn on my Spiritual awakening and enlightenment journey. And its something I come across almost daily in my coaching practice with my clients and still face at times in my own life as well. Even when I consciously make the decision to release the things I need help with to my Higher Power, detach from the how and the outcome and just trust, I still find myself in fear, anxiety and stress over it at times. Especially if nothing has happened or changed within the amount of time I wanted it to as yet, I find myself in fear, stress or anxiety over it or even back to trying to control and manipulate the outcome I desire regarding that thing yet again. This can be very frustrating because it happens so subtly and sub-consciously that I usually don’t even realize it until I’m knee deep back in the fear, anxiety, stress and trying to control it again. Here’s the thing, this is very normal, especially when we can recognize that old patterns don’t just change over night and that we are still learning to fully trust and fully let go. Our logical, reasoning ego mind doesn’t like this at all and wants to protect us from disappointment, so it tells us that we have to be in fear or actively trying to change or control that situation to prevent being disappointed and it is masked as that these thoughts are really just trying to protect us. Unlearning our default way of thinking that we need to do and control everything or it won’t happen and silencing our ego mind is a process. The more we practice surrender to our Higher Power, the easier and more comfortable it will get. And the more comfortable we get with doing so, the more divine solutions and shifts of those things that we surrender and release to our Higher Power will start showing up in our reality! One of the biggest mistakes we make when we find ourselves back in fear, stress, anxiety and trying to control & manipulate the outcome we want yet again, is to judge ourselves or get frustrated and angry with ourselves for doing so and not being able to just let go and trust. But here’s the thing. When we get frustrated, angry and judgmental with ourselves for it, this brings even more resistance to the change that we desire. So its important for us to have compassion with ourselves, knowing that we are learning, growing and evolving daily to release our old patterns, and that it is okay if we don’t get it 100% right at first. I have a powerful prayer that I say immediately each time that I find myself back in any negative thought patterns and feelings or trying to control or manipulate the outcome of something that I’ve released to my Higher Power to sort out and bring the divine solution to. This powerful prayer will help you to fully surrender, trust & detach from the outcome and the “how” every single time. If you find yourself back in negative thoughts and emotions or controlling and manipulating that thing again, you can simply stop and choose again by putting your hand over your heart and saying this prayer: (You can customize it as you see fit for your particular situation)
I recognize and acknowledge that I am feeling anxious & fearful and am trying to control the outcome of this situation (insert your situation or circumstance here) again. I am grateful that I have been made aware of this. I know that this fear is just trying to protect me and I am thankful for that. I am thankful for how it has served me in the past, but I no longer need it to protect me. It is safe for me to release this situation to God and the universe and to trust God & the universe to bring the divine solution and outcome for the highest good of all involved, including me.  It is safe for me to be massively healthy, successful, wealthy, happy, loved (insert anything else you want here) and for my story about these areas of my life to change. I am willing to see and experience this differently. I release all resistance, fear, anxiety and control over this situation back to God & the universe. I step back and let God & the universe take care of this and I trust that it is being taken care of. And so it is.
Each time that you stop and choose again without judgement or frustration toward yourself, it gets easier every time to release & trust and for miraculous answers to these things to start showing up in your reality! So save this prayer somewhere where you have quick and easy access to it at all times. Ready to join hundreds of others who have jumped on the journey of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and miraculous life transformation?  Check out my signature life transformation program here now. PS: If this blog resonated with you please share the love and guidance by sharing it now with others as well.
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This world doesn’t need another bible scripture or motivational quote – It needs YOU!

* TRIGGER ALERT * This blog has been on my heart to write for quite some time now and to be honest, the only reason I waited this long to post it was simply because I knew that it is a topic that has the ability to trigger those who believe that their mandate here on earth is to correct and monitor everyone else’s spiritual journeys. Truth be told I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with the manifestation and projection of people’s own fears, guilt and wounds which tends to happen when they get triggered by truth. But then I was reminded that Jesus’ journey was also one where He triggered the hell out of people and even the religious leaders of His time (literally their own internal hells) by speaking truth. And look at what the result of Him being faithful and committing to speaking truth did for this world and for each of us. So I decided to go ahead and speak my truth anyway. And honestly, if this does rattle your religious cage, or ruffle your internal belief system’s feathers a little, perhaps you need to ask yourself why reading this blog triggered you if you are not a culprit, albeit subconsciously in some way. Heck, when I first awakened to this truth I was triggered by it too because I realized I’ve certainly done this at times in my life as well. So I’m finally writing this now because the pressing on my heart to speak this truth is much stronger than my desire to avoid people’s manifestations or projections any longer. We don’t need more perpetuating of false truths and masks. What we need is truth and authenticity and to awaken, because as a collective we are busy wounding and killing ourselves and each other through our unwillingness to hear or even speak truth in order to stay in the illusion of what society says is acceptable and true. Last year I attended a CANSA event and one of the speakers was a lady who had beaten the battle with breast cancer a few years ago, but it came back aggressively a few years later. I always struggled to relate to people who are in this battle or who knows someone that is because thankfully I’ve never had any personal experience with this illness myself. But this lady spoke authentically, honestly and openly and didn’t sugar coat what the journey is really like, and at one point in her talk she said:
“If you know someone who has cancer, don’t tell them to call you or to ask if they need help with anything because they won’t! Just use your head about what they need help with on a practical level like fetching their kids from school, making dinner, etc. while they are dealing with the after effects of chemo.”
This was the first time I could relate to someone who has cancer because although my situation was not nearly as bad as what someone battling with this illness is facing, I myself had been in situations before where what I really needed at that time was real and genuine help and for specific needs to be met. And when I finally got vulnerable and shared my situation with a few close people they responded to it by bombarding me with hundreds motivational quotes and scriptures every day. What I needed wasn’t motivation. What I needed wasn’t scripture. What I needed was practical help, which was the one thing nobody even thought of or offered. I could see myself in this lady. I could feel her emotions as she explained that she was already vulnerable enough to share with those closest to her that she was battling cancer and what it was like, but their “I’m here if you need anything” didn’t help her at all especially since they already knew her situation so why should she then again make herself vulnerable to ask for help if they could clearly see and knew that she needed some? To be honest thinking back at when I was going through a very bad time in my life, the daily motivational quotes and scriptures from those who actually knew what I was going through did nothing except to peeve me off and cause me to be angry at God and at people. Each time I would get another quote or scripture that I’m not sure what they were hoping it would miraculously change about my situation or circumstances I was facing, I remember thinking… “I have a bible that I can and do read myself daily and a motivational quote is a Google away if that was really what I needed” What made it worse was that almost 100%  of the time the scriptures and quotes they would send me were so off point with where I was at internally, how I was feeling and what I was going through that it actually just made things even worse instead of better. These days, seeing posts on Facebook and receiving broadcast messages with motivational quotes and bible scriptures on our phones have become a daily occurrence. Its become the “trendy” thing to do. The new “it” thing to make sure that the entire virtual world of strangers perceive you as someone who is inspirational and a Christian in case they had any doubts about it. But is sending and posting scriptures and motivational quotes just another way of soothing ourselves and our own conscience? When someone is vulnerable enough to share their truth about a struggle or obstacle they are facing, the world (even their close friends and Christian brothers & sisters) respond to it by sending them motivational quotes and bible scriptures, and I can’t help but think, “Why? What are they hoping that scripture or motivational quote will do for that person?”. Have we become so shallow and blunt because of social media that we’ve actually deluded ourselves into thinking or believing that a motivational quote or scripture will somehow miraculously fix that person’s problem, lighten their load or heal their wound? Or is it merely a cleverly masked subconscious way of absolving ourselves from our real responsibility to one another as the human race and just a way of soothing our own conscience because “we helped” or “inspired” someone by sending them a quote or a scripture? Has it become just another way for people to hide from what they really think and believe deep down and to perpetuate the false perception of others that all is well in their own world? Or perhaps it is just another way of projecting our own inner fears & wounds that are hidden so deeply even from ourselves because it isn’t what the world sees as acceptable or what we were told and taught to believe? In Matthew 7: 9-10 Jesus says:
“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will give him a snake instead?“ 
To me, responding to the call for help with a scripture or a motivational quote when someone has made themselves vulnerable to you and shared their struggle with you, is like giving a rock to someone who asked for a bread, or a snake to someone who asked for a fish. I mean if their struggle is financial, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what they probably need right now are things like food, fuel, toilet paper, etc. and a scripture doesn’t supply their need or even actually show them any love in their time of need, does it? Sending a scripture or motivational quote to someone who has been vulnerable enough to share their situation with you, is really a cop out that absolves us of actually having to do something, get involved or meet someone else’s need. When I started awakening to this unfortunate new “trend” to throw a motivational quote or scripture at someone who is in need of practical help, I turned to the word of God in search of what God’s word says about when we should give word to someone, and what I found was a massive aha moment that shook me to my core. Almost every scripture in the bible where someone said something or was asked to say something to encourage or really help or heal or teach others in some way, the instruction: “Tell them only what I tell you to” or the words “I only speak what God has told or tells me to say or what I hear Him speak” are always included in each of these scriptures. Jesus also said that He only says what He hears His Father say, which tells me He never spoke out of His own flesh, mind or ego. In Proverbs 25:11 it is written:
“A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”  
Proverbs 15:23 says:
“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply and a word in season, how good it is!”  
The word of God has power and is living word, but it is the right word spoken at the right time or sent to someone on God’s instruction that can and will actually heal and transform. Not just any old nice little scripture you stumble across or found on social media or google to send to that person whom you know is facing a tough time. Imagine for a moment how different the story of the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery would have turned out if Jesus didn’t say what He heard His Father say in that moment, but just recited any scripture he thought sounded good or right in that moment? For example what if He in that moment recited Proverbs 7:26-27 to her instead “Many are the victims she has brought down, her slain are a mighty throng. Her house is a highway to the grave leading down to the chambers of death.” I’m sure the story would have ended a lot differently if He did. That wouldn’t have healed or encouraged her at all because it would have been scripture, but it would have been the wrong word at the wrong time. What she needed was love and God knew it, and because Jesus only spoke what He heard His Father say, he was able to give her exactly the right words that she needed in that moment. So why then do we send random scriptures to people if we weren’t explicitly instructed by God to send them exactly that scripture? The word is only powerful when its the right word at the right time and random scriptures sent from our flesh and ego just for whatever our conscious or subconscious reasons are has zero effect. In fact it could do more harm than good. So many people ask where is God in things like children starving around the world, in people being homeless, etc. but I think God’s answer to that question would be: “Where are my people?” We are God’s hands and feet on this earth, not His mouth piece unless explicitly told by Him to say what He tells us to say in a given moment. If someone you know trusts you enough to make themselves vulnerable to share their situation or circumstances they are facing with you but they don’t own a bible,  please rather go and buy them one. That way they can read it for themselves and God Himself can give them the right words they need at the right time for their situation through the Holy Spirit. But don’t throw a bible scripture or motivational quote at them as a plaster to put on their situation and to make yourself feel relevant or better. Ask yourself: “What needs can I meet for them in their situation that would make what they are going through easier for them or lighten their burden on a practical level? Loving our neighbor is not sending them a motivational quote or scripture every day when you know they have no food in their home or they are facing chemotherapy or the death of a loved one.
  • If someone you know has cancer and is receiving chemo, don’t ask if you can help, just tell them you are going to fetch their kids at school or show up with a warm meal for their family at dinner time.
  • If someone you know is struggling financially, put petrol in their tank or buy them toilet paper and food.
  • If someone you know is facing a bad time in their business, share their business with friends or refer people to them.
  • If you see someone on the street who is cold, give them a blanket.
And yes, prayer is powerful too, but it too should accompany our practical help, because a prayer alone won’t meet their immediate need either, but you can. I envision a world where we are all committed to being God’s hands and feet. This is how we show and share His love with the world. Motivational quotes and scriptures posted on Facebook and sent via IM broadcasts to your phone list are nice to have’s but they won’t change the world or love this world back to health. Are you merely just seeking the acceptance, validation and approval of others as someone who is inspirational and a Christian by posting and sending people motivational quotes and scriptures? Or are you willing to really be one and really LOVE? That’s a question we all need to ask and delve brutally honestly and deeply within ourselves to answer. Sending or posting another scripture or motivational quote is not going to heal the world. It’s time for each of us to start showing up and to stop putting a plaster on our own inner subconscious wounds and fears and on the needs and struggles of others by simply sending just another scripture or motivational quote to “show our love or support”. It’s time for us to stand in the gap by showing up! This world doesn’t need another motivational quote or scripture – it needs me and it needs YOU! If this blog resonated with you, please let me know in the comments below and share it now.
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[BLOG]: Dear Empath – You must learn to Observe not Absorb.

Whether you suspect you may be an Empath or you already know that you are one, you may resonate with the video below.

  Empaths are souls who are called to fulfill the role of transforming the fears, hurts and wounds of this world. Being an Empath is not something that you learn or decide. Its a part of your soul’s assignment while you are here. The video above illustrates what the life of an Empath is like. What it doesn’t show however is that Empaths don’t just feel and play a role in taking away the hurts, pains & fears of others only when they are physically with them, but they also feel the hurts, pains, fears and every other energy of others even through browsing social media, when talking to someone on the phone and even at times when they are just sitting at home alone minding their own business. Empaths are also at times the “victims” of other people’s projections whether the person is close to the Empath or a complete stranger. Energetically and spiritually, other souls can recognize an Empathic soul and because of their desperate need and desire to heal and grow at a soul level within themselves (which is usually something that they are not even consciously aware of), they tend to subconsciously project their hurts, fears and pains onto an Empath when they encounter one because their soul recognizes this Empathic soul as one that can help them to heal their subconscious wounds, fears and hurts. Although their projections are really just their soul’s cry for help and healing, the unconscious and unaware Empath who is still on a journey to learning who they are and what their gift is for, is usually left feeling hurt, unworthy, alone and sad. Empaths are very gentle and loving souls and the unconscious Empath is usually deeply hurt and fractured by these kinds of projections from others because their core desire at a soul level is really to heal and to love all souls and they see the essence and highest potential of all souls.

“Before I discovered that I was an Empath and learned exactly what the purpose of this gift is, I loathed being one.”

I use to believe that my purpose was to be everyone else’s hospital and to help them miraculously heal and recover and then watch them ride off happily into the sunset once they do. I use to say that I am like a train station. They pull in, refuel and off they go again. I believed my purpose was to help everyone else to be healed, happy & successful and never experience that kind of healing, happiness and success myself. As I am writing this I’m thinking, “No wonder I use to be in such conflict about being the kind of person who has the soul desire to help others, but at the same time also really hating who I was because I actually really just wished I was able to hate people since all they do is just end up hurting you because of their own fractured experiences and wounds and abandoning you once they’ve healed.” You see, part of the Empath’s journey here on earth is to discover that they are an Empath and then to learn through contrast how their gift is NOT meant to be used,  in order to learn exactly how to use this gift for what it was intended which is to serve all souls, including their own. The Empath who is perhaps still on a journey to discovering that they are one, or the Empath that is not living consciously, tends to absorb the energies, feelings & emotional hurts, wounds, pains and fears of others. But this gift of being able to feel and heal these things in others was never intended for the Empath to absorb these, but rather to observe them. The Empath’s role here is not to take these pains, fears and hurts of others away and onto themselves, but rather to become consciously aware of it and observe it. Why?  Because we are all connected in consciousness. Our souls know this even if our logical reasoning minds and our bodies don’t. Whatever we heal within ourselves we also heal in the world as a collective. So the Empath is merely made consciously aware of the other’s wounds, hurts, pains and fears to assist them in getting onto their own journey of becoming consciously aware, awakened and enlightened so that they can heal their wounds, pains and fears for themselves. Every experience and human interaction on our journey here on earth is always for the highest good for ALL souls involved to transpire through it. If you just as an Empath just absorb, and they heal, it only serves the highest good of one and not all involved. It took me many years to understand and embrace that I am an Empath. And another decade to understand why this is a gift and how it is intended to be used to serve the world and me on my own journey as well. If you have a suspicion that you may be an Empath, or you already know you that you are one, but you’re kinda hating being one at the moment, I hope this helps you on your journey. REMEMBER TO:  Observe not absorb! Write that down and put it up everywhere you can so that you are reminded of this several times a day. What helped me was to put it on my phone as an hourly reminder for myself. And the notification would usually come up during my day at a time where I needed to remember it the most! And if you know an Empath, give them some extra love and care. They tend to put everyone else’s needs, healing, happiness and love above their own, even if they’re going through their own stuff too 🙂 Now go out there and OBSERVE & HEAL! You were called and created as a lightworker and healer of this world and it is such a gift once you embrace it and  learn to observe and not absorb.
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[FREE VIDEO]: So Your Life Transformation Results Didn’t Last – AGAIN! Here’s why!

Life Transformation Results We’ve all been there, right?  We decide to go on a life transformation journey, become a better version of ourselves & be more positive.  And then we start with the best of intentions to do whatever it takes to help us do just that! We start doing affirmations, meditating, reading inspirational books, listening to inspirational podcasts and even enroll in a coaching program or two to help us get there. And because we’re doing all of these things, our internal and external lives start shifting and we start seeing the RESULTS. We start understanding more about who we are and why we are here. We have some life altering aha-moments on the journey too and its REALLY AWESOME & EXCITING! We feel like we are ON TOP OF THE WORLD! But then suddenly, something happens and ….. BAM!  Everything comes crashing down and we feel like everything we’ve learned and done didn’t last! I’ve seen this happen to many people in my over a decade of coaching. And I’ve seen it happen to me in my own life as well. Not just with life transformation tools and practices but with just about any new habit or skill that we try to implement into our lives. We go onto a massive high but then it seems to all come crashing down at some point, which either leaves us feeling like it is impossible for us to change ourselves or our lives, like this stuff doesn’t work, or at the very least like it works but it just doesn’t seem to last. What if I told you there’s a reason why this happens to so many people? What if I told you there are ways you can ensure that the tools and practices you implement and the results you experience at first STICK? WATCH THIS VIDEO of one of my final live coaching session with one of my first ever groups to complete my signature program, The Ultimate Life Transformation Program.  In this video I reveal exactly why this happens and how you can stay on the path and make your results STICK! This video will only be up for a limited time so WATCH IT HERE NOW!
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